The crackdown on inflated bots has reduced the number of followers of popular broadcasters by millions

The problem with the video distribution platform Twitch is the existence of 'view bots' that artificially increase the number of views. Twitch is also taking measures, and as a result of the trial in 2018, two bot dealers were ordered to pay 1.3 million dollars (about 140 million yen). And this time, Twitch once again declares a strict crackdown on bots. As a result, the number of followers of popular broadcasters is decreasing by 1 million.

Top Streamers Lose Millions Of Followers After Twitch Cracks Down On Viewbots

For example, one of the popular broadcasters, '

xQc ' ( xQcOW ), has 2.6 million followers, from 8.1 million (as of April 12, 2021) to 5.93 million (as of April 14, 2021). Decrease.

xQcOW --Twitch statistics, analysis and predictions --SullyGnome

Similarly, the number of followers of popular distributor 'sodapoppin' has decreased by 3.13 million from 6.5 million to 3.37 million.

sodapoppin --Twitch statistics, analysis and predictions --SullyGnome

However, although the number of followers has decreased, the number of simultaneous viewers has not decreased, and it seems that the bot is in hibernation or Twitch did not originally count as an active viewer.

Some distributors have reported this to Twitch as 'a bot attack,' and the corresponding Twitch said, 'I'm sorry to have had this experience. I will punish the distributor who is the victim of the bot attack. Don't worry, it doesn't happen. '

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