Mango drank 'Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie' in McDonald's with a double amount

As new products for McDonald's for summer, “Peachy Smoothie ” and “ Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie ” have appeared at the McCafe by Barista store on Wednesday, June 12, 2019. There was an option to add 60 yen to double the amount of topping, so I actually tried to double mango.

Summer is coming! A smoothie 'Peachy Smoothie' containing a smooth flesh, 'Mango & Passion Fruit Smoothie' with double topping at 60 yen, also carries a 'double' drink! Limited time sale from Wednesday, June 12 | McDonald's Japan

Arrive at McDonald's in the vicinity of McCafe by Barista.

'Peach smoothie' and 'mango & passion fruit smoothie' that appeared for summer. There are M size and L size, and the amount of topping will be doubled if you add 60 yen each.

Although the sauce is slightly different, since

a smoothie using peach was out in 2018, this time it is M size (tax-included 490 yen) and M-size topping doubled (tax-included 550 yen) of 'mango & passion fruit smoothie' Did. Two smoothies lined up in about 10 minutes after ordering.

The M size cup is about the height of the Apple mark when it stands the iPhone XS Max.

The left is the normal M size, the right is the topping 2 times the M size.

The smoothie portion is mixed with ice with mango sauce and passion fruit sauce using Alfonso mango puree. There is a mango sauce with pulp on top of it. The smoothie is slightly lighter than the orange color of the mango sauce, and the smoothie on the left shows the face of the smoothie from the crevice of the sauce, but when the topping amount is doubled, there is no room for the smoothie to look.

The smoothie is full of rich, plump sweetness in the cool coldness that passes through the mouth. It is cold in Kinkin because it is mixed with ice, but it has a sweet taste that makes you feel 'something'. The passion fruit sauce should have a sour taste, but it is mainly sweet and sour because it is turned to emphasize the sweetness of mango. The toppings contain ruffled mango flesh, and the soft texture combines with the little ice cubes that sometimes mix in the smoothie, bringing an exquisite sense of well-being.

Mango lovers are encouraged to double their toppings as they enjoy the mango look longer.

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