Looking for buyers 'Have I been pwned?' Who can tell you if your email address is leaked for free

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The free service ' Have I been pwned? ', Which allows you to check whether your email address and password have been leaked in the event of a company's personal information leak, is a global-scale service that is also used by businesses, governments and law enforcement agencies. However, the operation is actually performed by only one person. However, Have I been pwned? Is looking for a buyer because the scale of Have I been pwned? Has become too large and the task has become too large to handle.

Troy Hunt: Project Svalbard: The Future of Have I Been Pwned

According to Troy Hunt , an online security expert and Microsoft MVP employee who saw hackers attacking major websites and web services and the consumer's personal information leaked, “Data leakage is going to be bigger. Since I felt it would be a problem, in 2013 I published a web service called ' Have I been pwned? '. When you enter your email address or ID name on the website, this service will tell you 'is it leaked' or 'is it published somewhere' and will notify you when there is a leak thereafter thing. Detailed usage can be read from the following articles.

'Have I been pwned?'-GIGAZINE shows if you search by your email address or ID name to see if it was hacked and was in the past spill list

From 2013 to 2019, the company's personal information leak has been slowing down, and people who need Have I been pwned are ever increasing. As of June 2019, 8 billion pieces of personal information were leaked, and as many as 3 million people sent notification emails from Have I been pwned? The number of notifications actually sent was 7 million times It's about to eat. The website has 150,000 unique visitors a day if there are no days, and as many as 10 million people will visit it on the day of an incident.

Also, Have I been pwned? Checks for leaks in email addresses, but Hunt also released 'Pwned Passwords' to check for password leaks. This is also used by many users every day.

'Pwned Passwords', a service that allows you to check for free whether your password appears in the past leaked data or not-GIGAZINE

Have I been pwned? And Pwned Passwords are world-class tools used by the British, Australian and even law enforcement agencies as well as business applications. However, the fact is that in all the services, Hunt alone is in charge of configuration, coding, and updating of daily outflow records.

If Mr. Hunt thinks that 'it is necessary to explain the architecture', he creates an infographic, manually edits / adds the logo of the company where the leak occurred, contacts the company who is not aware of the data leak, and interviews the media. In response to ... all the work has been done in the spare time. And too much work is too much and it starts to burn out and comes to think that oneself has become a single point of failure .

In 2019, Hunt says that he has started a 'casual conversation' with an organization that is interested in acquiring Have I been pwned ?. And while talking with a friend who works for KPMG about personal matters, he was advised to think about M & A to find a new 'home' for Have I been pwned ?. After that, while talking with a friend who is familiar with M & A, Hunt says what to do, says Hunt.

First and foremost, a project name was needed to make it clear that the Have I been pwned? M & A was taking place. After botching some of the awful and bleak names, Hunt suddenly remembered about the huge 'Svalbard Seed Vault' facility that stores seeds all over the world. Svalbard is the Norwegian Svalbard .

Infiltration report inside of a huge facility 'Svalbard Seed Vault', an unknown facility that backs up and preserves seeds from all over the world in preparation for the collapse of the civilization and the end-GIGAZINE

Norway named M & A “Project Svalbard” because Norway is a turning point for his career and Svalbard Seed Vault and Have I been pwned? . I started communicating with people interested in the project.

Here are the seven points that Hunt wants to emphasize during the acquisition:

◆ 1: Free consumer search should remain free

◆ 2: Hunt continues to work with Have I been pwned after acquisition

◆ 3: I will do what I could not do alone

◆ 4: To reach more people than now

◆ 5: Play a role in changing the behavior of consumers

◆ 6: Allow organizations to benefit from Have I been pwned?

◆ 7: Publish more data

Of course, there is also a way that Hunt hires a person and commercializes Have I been pwned ?. In fact, while Hunt had a chance to start a company and run venture capital while running Have I been pwned ?, it is because his 'responsibility becomes too heavy.' I did not take that way. In view of the money and time that you will invest as of June 2019, starting a company is not an option.

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