Professional football league uses the voice & GPS of the user in the official app to look for bars that are distributing football broadcast illegally

by Gustavo Ferreira

A € 250,000 (approximately ¥ 30 million) against the Spanish data protection agency, saying that La Liga Santander , the country's professional football league, violates the EU data privacy and transparency laws. Imposed a fine of La Liga was trying to detect “a bar that is illegally distributing football broadcasts” using the official app, but that method was considered “illegal”.

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The problem was that La Liga's ' La Liga: Live Soccer Scores ', which is officially distributed, can check the statistics and latest news of each match held in the same league. However, La Liga used to track the “bars and pubs illegally streaming football matches” using the microphone and GPS of the smartphone that installed this app.

La Liga uses a technology like the music recognition app ' Shazam ' to record user voices while watching a football match and to find a bar that broadcasts a broadcast of the match without a formal license Using location information of the smartphone. According to local media El Diario, the La Liga official app has been installed more than 10 million times so far.

by obayda PH

La Liga has asked the user for permission to access the microphone and location information of the smartphone for the official app, and the recorded voice data is sent as a code to detect 'La Liga match broadcast' It is described that it is used only to In addition, La Liga on the terms of use , 'by giving access permission to the application (of the microphone or GPS), the user deems that La Liga agrees to detect illegal activity using the user terminal' It is clearly stated that.

However, as the Spanish data protection agency has not explicitly notified the user how to use the data, the La Liga side is to delete the app by June 30, 2019, and 25 million euros I ordered to pay a fine. However, La Liga has objected to this sanction, claiming that data protection agencies do not understand the technical part of the app at all.

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