CERN migrates from Microsoft products to open source software because license fees jump 10 times


Olivier Bruchez

The European Nuclear Research Organization (CERN) has been using Microsoft products for over 20 years. One of the reasons is that CERN is an 'academic institution' and has been able to contract on special terms, but Microsoft converted this policy. The new contract pays the license fee based on the number of users, and CERN's burden is 10 times higher than before, so we are proceeding with the transition project from Microsoft products to open source software.

Microsoft Alternatives project (MAlt) | CERN

CERN has negotiated the introduction of a method to raise the license fee over 10 years, but it is refused by Microsoft and minimizes exposure to the risk of commercial situations where CERN itself becomes unsustainable Because of that, they have launched a migration project.

The principle of the project is to “provide the same service to CERN staff in all departments” “to avoid fixing vendors to avoid risks and dependencies” “to keep the data yourself” “to support common use cases 4 points of 'to do.'

The project itself has been in progress for a year, and as a first step of its work, the transition of a pilot mail service for IT departments and volunteers will take place in the summer of 2019. In addition, some Skype for Business and phones will be changed to pilot softphones in parallel.

In addition, CERN is developing many products and services, and it is expected that alternative solutions and prototypes of alternative products will be completed in the next few years.

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