The flower which was thought to have become extinct in the drone was discovered in a land unexplored before, the first event ever and an expert

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Applications of drone are spreading more and more, such as the delivery service using a drone being put to practical use, and the drone successfully capturing a tribe that has never been in contact with the outside world in the back of the Amazon. Under the circumstances, a botanist used a drone to take an aerial view of a sheltered precipice and found a flower that was thought to be extinct.

Botanists are using drones to rediscover extinct flowers — Quartz

Botanist Ken Wood and drone expert Ben Naiberg discovered the flowers that were believed to be extinct this time. Wood discovered Hibiscadelphus woodii , a member of Hibiscus, a species endemic to Kauai in Hawaii in 1991.

The flower of the following image is Hibiscadelphus woodii.

At the beginning of discovery, Hibiscadelphus woodii had only 4 shares. Three of the four strains were lost one after another due to falling rocks between 1995 and 1998, and the remaining one died in 2011. Meanwhile, botanists have tried to breed Hibiscadelphus woodii in various ways, including grafting with grafts, cuttings and flowers of related species, but all failed. In 2016, the list of endangered animals and plants was registered in the so-called red list , which was considered to be partially extinct.

Mr. Wood has so far found and protected more than 50 species of rare plants in a manner that can be suspended from a helicopter, but Mr. Naiberg has been instrumental in searching for rare plants using drones to further expand the search range. And cooperation. I climbed 700 feet (about 213 m) in the Karalau valley on Kauai in February 2019 and flew a drone from there and I searched around 800 feet (about 243 m) all over, and I was still alive on the steep cliff slope He discovered Hibiscadelphus woodii.

Hibiscadelphus woodii was found in the circled image below.

You can see the video of the drone shooting in air by watching the following movie. Hibiscadelphus woodii is visible in about 58 seconds from the start.

Kalalau Drone Survey-YouTube

According to Naiberg, this is the first time a drone has been found to be an extinct plant. He also said that 'there are still many places to explore,' and that further research using drone is likely to find plants of new species and species thought to be extinct in the future. I received

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