The brave man who made the device to fly the airplane by using LEGO fully automatically appeared, and the movie that actually works is released

It is a toy LEGO (Lego) that can attach various blocks and make various things, but if it uses a set such as '

Lego Technique ' or ' Mind Storm ' that includes parts such as motors and gears (gears), it operates on electric power It is also possible to make a full-scale machine with complicated devices. Using such a Lego, a builder has appeared that has made a ' paper airplane automatic folding machine ' that can fly and fly a paper airplane fully automatically from paper. The actual flight of a paper plane is also available on YouTube.

You can see how a paper airplane automatic folding machine made by LEGO actually folds a paper airplane from the following movie.

LEGO paper airplane folding machine ver2-YouTube

This is the whole of 'paper airplane automatic folding machine'.

To fold a paper plane with the 'Paper Plane Automatic Folding Machine', first remove the paper ...

Set in the paper feed tray.

When the machine is turned on, the wheel with tires rotates to feed paper into the machine.

After the upper half of the paper is sent to the space below the tray ...

The middle part is sent back to the inside of the machine.

By doing this, it will be broken in two.

Both ends of the half folded side hit the yellow bar further ...

I will rise up.

And it was folded so as to be crushed by the wheel.

As a result, it will be shaped like an arrowhead, and the nose of the paper plane will be finished.

Next, the center part is broken by the wheel installed perpendicularly to the paper ...

It became the fuselage of the plane.

The completed airplane is sent to the wheel rotating at high speed at the lower right ...

Let's start off.

The ejected paper plane flew vigorously.

Mr. KEN of the Osaka University Lego Club made the 'Paper Machine Automatic Folder ver2' released this time. 'Paper airplane automatic folding machine ver2' is KEN's was made to literally 2018 ' paper airplane automatic folding machine in the second generation of' continuous and significantly faster through the years of about one year, and from the next to the next Implemented a function to make a paper plane.

You can see how the original 'paper automatic folding machine' works from the following movie.

LEGO paper airplane folding machine-YouTube

The paper automatic folding machine ver2 is scheduled to be exhibited at Lego's exhibition event ' Japan Brickfest 2019 ', which will be held in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture from June 8 to 9, 2019 .

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