"Paper Airplane Gun" which automatically ejects paper airplanes after folding 120 sheets per minute

It takes about 1 minute to fold a paper airplane by hand, but we developed a mechanism to automatically fold paper airplanes by the power of technology, and we can eject completed paper airplanes one after another like a machine gunAutomatic Paper Airplane GeneratorThere are men who are burning passion. Version 1 has been completed in 2014, and version 2, which is the latest version, can shoot paper airplanes at speeds of 120 sheets per minute.

Paper Airplane Gun PFM-A5 in action! - YouTube

This is "Paper Airplane Gun", the injection port is visible in front.

It has a giant of 105 cm in total length and 10 kg in weight, it is no longer a cannon rather than a gun.

By the way, version 1 is like this, so you can see that it has become quite large.

It is a magazine when opening the lid at the back, 200 sheets of A5 paper which can be bullet can be filled.

Removing the upper armor contained a mechanism to automatically fold the paper airplane inside.

The side is glassed and you can see how a lot of gears move.

It corresponds to various kinds of paper if it agrees with size, and if you put in a favorite colored paper it will release a colorful paper airplane.

So when you pull the trigger, paper is supplied from the magazine and it changes to the form of paper airplane.

Before the injection port, it seems that it is a part that folds and aligns paper aircraft that topped the tip in half.

Since the maximum speed is 120 sheets per minute, it is possible to change all 200 sheets of A5 paper to paper airplanes in less than 2 minutes.

Set colorful colored paper ......

A developer male who flies paper airplane towards here and there. The injected paper plane is flying well in the wind and it is not just broken in the form of a paper airplane, but you can see that it has a practical shape.

Although the child seems to be pleased, men also work well and shoot a paper plane happily.

It took two years for Version 1 to Version 2 to be completed, but we will continue to use this male YouTube channel "PapierfliegereiIf you are watching it, maybe version 3 will appear someday.

There are also movies that shoot Paper Airplane Gun in the streets. By scattering the paper airplane on the street, you can see how to clean up the old man and get angry.

Paper Airplane Machine Gun v2.0 / Papierflieger-MG v2.0 - YouTube

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