I tried eating 'hot rice' and 'hot rice curry' that had a juicy texture and thick whey pork and a combination of hot and cold sauce.

From November 1st, 2019 (Saturday), the legendary Star Tsujiya is offering ' Spicy Rice ' and ' Spicy Curry ' for a limited time under the title of 'Enrichment of Early Summer Appetite! Spicy Fair'. Has started. It is said that it is a product that is intertwined with the rose meat of Italian

whey pork with 'Shot' yakiniku radish 'and garlic soy sauce radish of the legendary Star Ashiya style, so try eating and checking what it tastes like Yes.

【Period limited】 6/1 (Sat) appeared ★ 'Autumn Summer Appetite Open !! Hot Star Fair' | The legendary Star Tsujiya / Famous Star Sushi shop [official site]
http://sutadonya.com/2019/05/28/ [period-limited] 6/1 (Saturday) appearance ★ 'Appetite full open of early summer! Hot and cold fair' /

Arrive at the legendary Star Ashiya.

In front of the shop, there are pops that appeal to 'hot rice', 'hot curry' and 'hot rice'.

Since I

had eaten 'hot rice cake' in the past, I challenge 'hot rice' and 'hot rice curry' this time.

The meat is three times as thick as the 'Suta Pass' and it has eaten the 'Shot Pass' with the Chicago store's No. 1 limited menu-GIGAZINE

About 10 minutes after ordering, 'Shot rice' (880 yen including tax) arrived.

Italian whey pork and onion, which are entwined with sauce, are on a plate and green onion is placed on it.

Shredded cabbage is also heaped.

In addition to the side dishes, 'hot rice' is a set of hot spring eggs, miso soup, rice and pickles.

Whey pork entwined with “hot” yakiniku radish and garlic soy sauce is very thick, and it conveys a solid presence in the sandwiches. When I ate it, in addition to the taste like sweet and spicy grilled meat, the appetizing aroma of garlic spread in my mouth. When the meat was bitten, the juicy umami was exuded from the meat, and the spicy taste of the pepper was also effective.

The taste of the onion also tastes good ...

The compatibility with white rice and entwined meat with sweet and spicy sauce is outstanding.

I feel refreshed when I eat heaped cabbage.

If you break the hot spring eggs, simmering yolks will come out.

You can enjoy the taste different from the past when entwined with meat and thick yolk.

The fresh taste of miso soup was felt gently in the mouth tired of heavy meat violence.

Hot spicy curry (¥ 880 incl. Tax) is a rich bowl of curry on a bowl of whey pork and onion, green onion. Hot spring egg and miso soup are set.

The sweet and strong curry contains well-simmered onions as ingredients.

When you put whey pork in the mouth into the mouth, it matches perfectly with the thick yakiniku radish and the curry where the sweetness and spicy taste are felt. Whey pork alone will carry the rice, but curry will also be combined and you will not stop eating it.

If you try to break some of the hot spring eggs while eating it to a certain extent, the soft eggs will change the taste while reducing the hotness of the curry, and the food will continue to be eaten without getting tired of the taste.

'Spirit rice' 'spicy curry' 'spicy rice cake' is a limited time from Saturday, June 1, 2019, and 'Nakano Shimbashi store' 'Mi-san shop' 'Ario Hashimoto store '' It has become a store at a store excluding 'Karigosaka SA (downlink) store' 'Yodobashi Umeda store'.

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