'GIGAZINE Manga Award' June 2019 recruitment start & top picture making is like this

It has been a month since the year changed. Things that were unimaginable for the future began, things that had been a symbol of Heisei have come to a big break, and joyful events and sad news are also coming out like rough waves. In addition, it is fortunate if you can associate with the GIGAZINE Manga Award and the GIGAZINE Manga so that you can say that the previous era was happy when you enter the next era.

Of the works submitted within 2019, those that have passed the editorial examination are scheduled for the first stage examination in June. In the first stage screening, it will be a closed screening that will proceed with the screening while also soliciting feedback and comments from GIGAZINE readers, so please be sure to help open the future as a member of the GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) on this occasion. . The result of the past review article is like this.

'Grand Prize' and 'Secondary' were selected from the drawing department of 'GIGAZINE Manga Award'-GIGAZINE

◆ 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' Application Guidelines from here

Recruitment guidelines have already been read, so apply anyway! If you are a person, please use the application form .

◆ Original script recruitment requirements from here

If you are thinking of applying in the form of a novel or script, please check the recruitment guidelines from the link above.

◆ Top picture, illustration offer of prize offer article
We are also looking for 'Top Picture' illustrations of 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' posted in this article. Recruitment essential point from this

◆ June 2019 GIGAZINE Manga Award Top Art Illustration
Miyuki Shinozaki gave a top drawing illustration of June 2019. The light is skillful, and it is a wonderful one that just makes you feel bright when you look at it. The girl who smiles in the bright sunshine seems to light up the dark world like a rainbow that shines just after the rain.

Comments from

Miyuki Shinozaki .

My name is Shinozaki Miyuki, who was in charge of the top painting in June.
I draw daily aiming at illustrations that convey the emotions of characters by facial expressions and gestures.
I also love the fetish part of girls.

The following is the making of illustration.

Miyuki Ashizaki 'It's June in the rainy season, but I considered two ideas on the theme of a lively and exciting atmosphere for the early summer. I hope that it will reach the positive attitude of those who are applying for the manga award and those who are interested. I made a high school girl with a feeling of freshness. '

A rough A draft drawn by the student doodled on the blackboard. This was adopted because it was attractive to draw brightly the rainy season, which tends to sink somewhere.

The rough B plan that the girl surrounded by hydrangea is beautiful. Not only the brightness after the rain, but also the beauty of the drops brought by the rain is impressive.

Miyuki Shinozaki 'Refreshing the background while taking care of the drawing while drawing back the figures. The correct picture is drawn and it is easy to change from rough to rough, so be careful not to break the nuances that you originally wanted to convey '

Miyuki Shinozaki 'The situation in the illustration is a scene that I draw on a blackboard while talking with my friends about rough comics like my name, but I tried drawing a rough B girl who died on the background blackboard with a motif '

Miyuki Shinozaki 'Take a layer of color tone adjustment on the whole so as to eliminate the border between the background and the character, and skip the splash etc., and the illustration is completed when the air feels on the screen. Will complete

◆ Top picture, illustration offer of prize offer article

We are looking for illustrations of 'Top Paintings' as described in this article. Please check the recruitment requirements of this article and contact us from the self-recommendation application form below.

Click here (Please select 'Top Pictures / Illustrations of GIGAZINE Manga Awards Wanted Articles' as your first choice)

You can see the top drawings and makings of past manga award articles from the following.

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As illustrations of 2018 are put together in electronic form, please have a look.

GIGAZINE Top Paintings Collection 2018 | GIGAZINE | Kindle Store | Amazon.in

◆ 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' Application Guidelines

・ Basic conditions:
・ It is premised that it can be read with a smartphone (Face spread none, vertical scroll standard)

・ Full color, full digital (In the case of black and white, we treat as 'the original')

・ It should be a complete manuscript of '1st story' and its making materials . Making materials are character design, color setting, name, draft, etc. Of course there is also an application that draws from the first story to the final story.

・ Document format:
Please refer to ' Hime and Gamer ' for aspect ratio, file size and resolution.

・ Number of manuscripts:
freedom. Many pages are OK.

・ Others:
・ We carry out various procedures to be able to clear at the time of the award even if there is no age restriction, minor

・ First creation OK already announced in other media and platforms

・ A work that has been published in a magazine but has not been singled out or that has been discontinued due to a non-ban situation on the way is also OK. Please do not give up.

・ 'Drawing only' is OK if you can show the URL of the portfolio and the works. The first stage screening passes will be drawn in the trial stage in the second stage screening, and will be passed to the final stage of voting after passing.

·The deadline:
Sunday, June 30, 2019 23:59:59

Examination process:

Following the initial selection by the editorial department, we will plan the following examination process.

Stage 1: Evaluation by closed environment accessible only by

GIGAZINE secret club members + evaluation by making editorial materials including making materials

Second stage: After making necessary items such as “plot to final story”, examination by the editor in chief. If you can see the potential of drawing to the end and decide that it is likely to run to the end, you will be in the final stage.

Final stage: published on GIGAZINE, rated by GIGAZINE readers based on access analysis results + scored by GIGAZINE secret club members + scored by editorial department

・ Prize:

First of all, the first prize is passed and 10,000 yen will be presented as an incentive to everyone who has been selected in the first stage.

Next, an additional 20,000 yen was awarded as an incentive to all who were selected in the second stage.

And when it is chosen as a grand prize winning work at the final stage, a prize of 100,000 yen is presented.

※ You can win even if you are a minor, as the total prize amount is in the non-taxable category . Even if there is no bank account, we will do something about it.

・ Flow after the award
After publishing in GIGAZINE serialized form, it will be converted to e-book and sold on Amazon. Each will pay the prescribed manuscript fee and royalty. GIGAZINE will be responsible for selling and promoting electronic books.

・ Question reception form:
If you have any questions about applying, please click here to inquire. If similar questions continue, we will summarize it as a FAQ, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

・ Manga award application form:

Click here

◆ Original script recruitment requirements

・ In addition to the first episode manuscript , prepare a plot from one episode to the final episode .

・ At the primary screening, we look at the fun of simple stories and the completeness of one episode. If you proceed from the second examination to the final examination, we will examine 'Can you constantly create the script of the story to the final story', which is conscious of actually creating the manga original.

・ If you are applying only for originals and text only, please paste the text into Google Docs and then include the address of the shared link in the application form. In that case, please do not edit the document after applying.

Click here for the application form

'GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) / Closed Examination' is one of the selection flow of the manga award. If you are not a member of GSC members, of course, please join GSC at this opportunity to witness the birth of future masterpieces. Register here for the GIGAZINE Secret Club.

Then, we are looking forward to the application of creators. Thank you.

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