20 ways to resist global warming on an individual basis



Global warming and climate change caused by greenhouse gases can seriously damage not only humans but also ecosystems and all environments. For global climate change, the power of a single human seems to be very small, but for the '20 things that humans can resist against climate change on an individual basis,' Sabrina Stierwalt , an American astrophysicist Is summarized.

20 Small Acts to Fight Climate Change

◆ 01: Knowing the information
At the beginning of 2017, the United States Environmental Protection Agency published information online about decades of scientific research on the risks of climate change. However, President Trump says 'I do not believe in global warming,' and information about the risk of climate change has been deleted at the time of writing, probably because it was in line with President Trump's intention. As such, it is sometimes difficult to get the information you need, but knowing the exact information about global warming is important for making the right choice.

◆ 02: Choose information to accept
Although global warming affects the whole world, it is also true that there are pros and cons. Some of the published research results are funded by 'groups against global warming', and some of them deny artificial global warming, so it is important to select sources of information.

◆ 03: Ask local members about global warming
You should ask the local legislators 'what do you think about global warming, what kind of policy do you plan to implement?' And consider the candidate's stance against global warming at the time of the election. Said Stierwalt.

◆ 04: Donate to organizations dealing with climate change issues
For example, if you usually like camping, donate to a nature conservation organization that manages national parks etc. If you are interested in nature nearby, donate to a local cleaning organization or wildlife conservation organization By doing so, you can help protect the important nature.



◆ 05: Tell people that you are acting against global warming
While global warming is an issue for everyone, it takes a lot of courage to take the first step. Speaking that you are actually contributing to global warming measures may lead to pushing someone's back.

◆ 06: Purchase an Energy Star label appliance
Energy Star is an environmental labeling system for energy saving appliances. You can purchase more energy-saving products by checking the presence of the Energy Star label when selecting home appliances. Reducing the amount of electricity used leads to a reduction in carbon emissions, which also has the effect of saving energy costs.

◆ 07: Change the used bulb to a more efficient type
You can help reduce your carbon footprint simply by replacing five of the light bulbs in your house with ones that have the Energy Star label on them. Bulbs with the Energy Star label consume up to 75% less electricity than other bulbs, and last ten times longer.

◆ 08: Unplug the power plug of unused appliances
Even if the appliance is turned off, it only consumes electricity when the power plug is plugged in. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the amount of electricity consumption by unplugging before going out, traveling, or going to bed.



◆ 09: Change the set temperature of the air conditioner according to the time
Using products with specifications that can automatically change the set temperature of the air conditioner when sleeping or going out is also a measure against global warming. When you go to bed or go out, you can save a lot of energy costs by changing the temperature of the air conditioner twice or more than usual.

◆ 10: Strengthen the insulation of the house
Even if the temperature of the room is properly adjusted with air conditioning, the temperature of the room may immediately change due to the influence of the outside air, as the insulation of the house is not good. In this case, the air conditioner will always run at full capacity to keep the temperature of the room properly, and it consumes a lot of electricity, so that firm insulation will lead to a reduction in electricity consumption.

◆ 11: Save water
At first glance, it seems that there is no direct relationship with global warming, but energy is also used to transport water, so saving water is likely to be a measure against global warming. It is important to stop the faucet frequently, take less time to shower, and use a low-flow toilet.



◆ 12: Recycle shopping bags to reduce food packaging
By carrying shopping bags and using as little food packaging as possible, it is possible to take a step to prevent global warming.

◆ 13: Keep in mind that carbon dioxide emissions also accompany food production
Eighteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production, and growing almonds and walnuts requires more water. By understanding that carbon dioxide emissions also accompany the production of foodstuffs you eat every day, you can feel more familiar with global warming.

◆ 14: Compost raw garbage
Methane gas generated by transporting organic waste to landfills is a major cause of global warming. So, to compost the garbage in a home composter by introducing the like, it is possible to produce a valuable fertilizer while reducing the methane gas emissions.

◆ 15: Plant plants suitable for the garden environment and soil
By planting plants that are suitable for the environment in which you live, you can grow plants without using excess water. Plants absorb carbon dioxide by photosynthesis and thus help prevent global warming.

◆ 16: Use electricity generated from renewable energy
Some power companies can switch the power used at home to the power produced by renewable energy. Renewable energy that does not use fossil fuels can produce electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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◆ 17: Buy a car with good fuel efficiency and low emissions
When purchasing a car, it is also important to pay attention not only to the specifications as a machine but also to fuel consumption and the amount of exhaust gas. It is also important to keep the tire pressure adequate without idling more than necessary.

◆ 18: Use public transport
If possible, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by using public transportation, walking, or bicycling. In addition, it is possible to reduce the total carbon dioxide emissions by using services such as car sharing.

◆ 19: Choose work at home as much as possible
If you can choose the work environment, you can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions from daily commuting by choosing teleworking.

◆ 20: Living in an environmentally friendly municipality
There is a difference in the enthusiasm for global warming in each municipality. If you live in the United States, you can use services such as DSIRE database to find environmentally friendly cities .

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