How to automatically delete your Google account after death


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Many free services provided by Google, such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, etc., should be indispensable for daily life. However, if you die, your Google account tied closely to your private status will remain for as long as Google continues. In such cases, foreign media and CNBC have mentioned that there is a way to automatically deactivate or delete Google accounts after your own death.

How to set your Google account to delete its after you die

Use 'Account Deactivation Management Tool' to delete Google account after your own death. The reason is that if you do not log in to your Google account for a certain period of time, your account will be automatically disabled.

First, while logged in to your Google account, go to ' ' and click 'Create Account Plan' from 'Data and Customize'.

You can decide the processing plan when the user no longer uses Google service. Click 'Start'.

By clicking the pen icon, you can specify the waiting period until the Google account deactivation process is performed.

There are four options available: '3 months' '6 months' '12 months' '18 months'. This time select '12 months' and click 'Save'.

You need to register a confirmation notification phone number just in case you set up account deactivation. Click Add Phone Number to select a phone number and click Select.

After selecting a phone number, select 'Next'.

Then, select who to notify of invalidation and the data to be published. Of course, if you click 'Next' as it is, you can also set it to silently deactivate your Google account without anyone knowing, but by notifying someone other than yourself that your Google account is inactive, Not only can you automatically notify your family and acquaintances of your account deactivation, you can also share any file or service content with the other person. Click Add User to register a notification destination.

In the 'Enter email address' field, enter the email address of the person you want to notify.

By registering an email address to notify, you can share the data of the service provided by Google with someone after death. If this is used, it will become possible to 'write a note on Blogger and Google Photos and post it to the bereaved after death.'

A telephone number can be optionally registered as a notification destination of invalidation. This time, only the e-mail address is registered, so click 'Save'.

Click 'Next'.

By checking 'Yes, delete my unused Google account' displayed at the bottom, Google will be recognized as 'I have lost my Google account' and Google will be recognized three months after Google's recognition Your account will be deleted. In this case, if you leave Google account for 12 months + 3 months = 15 months, Google account will disappear automatically. Click 'Confirm plan' at the end.

The screen below will complete the creation of an account auto-destruction plan.

Google accounts are linked to a lot of private data such as email content, photos, traces of interaction with others, documents that have never been seen by anyone, and so on. If you think that you do not want to reveal the secrets that remain online by others after you have made a mistake, you may want to set up automatic account termination while you are fine.

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