Fate / stay night's first board game 'Dominate Grail War' detailed information announced and released

The scheduled release date of ' Donate Grail War-Fate / stay night on Board Game- ', which has been produced as the first board game for 'Fate / stay night', was decided on August 3, 2019 (Saturday). The price is 6480 yen including tax, and the reception desk of the advance reservation will start from 10 o'clock on Saturday, May 25, 2019 to 17:59 on Monday, June 17, 2019.

Dominate Grail War -Fate / stay night on Board Game-


In 'Dominate Grail War', the player participates as one of the sorceress (master) in the 'Holy Grail War' over the 'Holy Grail' which fulfills the wishes of what he holds. We will use Servant, who is familiar, and use the abilities of Master and Servant to compete with other players in the 'war' and aim to become the last person.

In the original game and animation, there is a combination of master and Servant that is almost fixed like the main character Shiro Emiya and Saber, but in 'Dominate Grail War', the player chooses the master at the time of play, and the Servant's deck is random In order to receive in, the combination changes every time you play, the strategy changes each time.

You can get 'Senkaku' by actively fighting with other players, but you can save the magic needed to use the powerful 'treasure' possessed by Servant and attack with a powerful effect at once, or without fighting a small amount There are a wide variety of options for winning, such as reconnaissance that can boost the outcome of the battle.

The Servant is an existence that summons the spirits and gives them a figure to be used by the master. Their identities vary, but once they are known, the ability is known to other players, so there is a question of how to keep them secret or to use treasures even if they reveal their name.

All nine Servants will appear in 'Dominate Grail War'. This time, in advance, the illustrations of Archer, Saber and Rider have been published. All of them are drawn for this game by okojo, who works on character design in the RPG 'Fate / Grand Order' for smartphones.

The production of 'Dominate Grail War' is jointly performed by Delightworks and the analog game production group 'BakaFire Party'.

The 'Mana concealed battle royal board game' 'Dominate Grail War' is scheduled to be released on August 3, 2019 (Saturday) for 6,480 yen including tax.

DELiGHTWORKS STORE accepts advance reservations until 17:59 on Monday, 17 June 2019. As a limited bonus, 'token special master porch' with illustrations of 7 masters printed is included.

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