I tried eating 'Chicken Ramen Big Cup-Tatami Bacon Egg' with fragrant aroma spread with smoked-like egg yolk sauce

As a new product of Nissin's '

Chicken Ramen ', ' Chicken Ramen Big Cup Tatama Bacon Egg ' has appeared with the motif 'Bacon Egg' designed by Sanrio's character, Gudetama . I tried eating chicken ramen with the addition of bacon of ingredients and the smoked egg yolk sauce of attachment.

Chicken Ramen Big Cup Fried Egg Bacon Egg | Nissin Foods Group

'Chicken ramen big cup eggplant bacon egg' with smoked egg yolk sauce pasted on lid.

The chick is completely influenced by the noise, and she drips at the influence of the dripping 'Worried to the smell' and the relaxation mode.

Raw materials look like this. It is bacon that is the most common in ka any.

It is 420kcal at 92g per serving.

The ingredients before pouring hot water look like this, eggs and bacon are noticeable.

Wait 3 minutes after pouring hot water. The standard of the amount of hot water is 420 ml.

After 3 minutes, add smoked-style rich sauce just before eating.

It looks as if you are squeezing just the yolk of the egg.

When lightly mixed, a soothing scent comes into the nose. The flavor that is the base should not be much different from conventional chicken ramen, but the impression by this smoked-style rich sauce that the flavor is simply extending the taste. The bacon also tasted like being smoked and accented with the difference from a plain chicken ramen.

'Chicken ramen big cup omelet bacon egg' is 221 yen including one tax.

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