I tried eating it because 'Uchi Café x PABLO' dessert that PABLO of cheese tart and collaboration with Lawson appeared

Two desserts ' Uchi Café x PABLO cheese roll cake ' and ' Uchi Café x PABLO cheese shout ' with the image of PABLO's cheese tart in collaboration with PBLO selling

cheese tarts that can not stand independently by fluffy filtration 2019 It has appeared since May 21st. I was wondering how to recreate the PABLO cheese tart with roll cake and cream puff, so I bought it and tried it.

Uchi Café x PABLO Cheese Roll Cake | Lawson Official Site

Uchi Café × PABLO cheese shoe (with apricot sauce) | Lawson Official Site

'Uchi Café × PABLO' series I got at Lawson right away.

'Uchi Café × PABLO cheese roll cake' (tax-included 230 yen) looks like a

premium roll cake style of Lawson's basic dessert, but the package has a unique design that is an image of PABLO cheese tart.

If you check the ingredients, you can check 'apricot jam' and 'cream cheese'.

Each calorie is 250kcal and 22g of sugar.

Take it out of the package.

When I flip through the film ...

Like this. On top of the cream is an apricot jelly.

This is about the size compared to the iPhone X.

When you actually eat it, you can feel the flavor of cheese firmly because of cheese tart style, but you can certainly feel the presence of smooth, fragrant fresh cream like premium roll cake. The apricot jam topped on the fresh cream has a firm apricot acidity and refreshes the mouth so that it doesn't become too dull with cheese cream. Because the sponge part is soft and soft, it looks like a lot of cream, but it was light as a whole, and I could finish eating it with a sour taste of apricot.

In particular, the quality of the soft cheese cream was excellent, and I felt an exquisite balance where you can enjoy both fresh cream and good cheese.

Then try eating 'Uchi Café x PABLO cheese shoe' (tax-included 195 yen) using apricot sauce as well as PABLO cheese tart.

'Natural cheese' and 'Apricot jam' are used as the raw material here, and it can be seen that PABLO's cheese tart is reproduced with a slightly different approach from roll cake.

It has 400 kcal calories and 27.4 g of sugar, which are significantly higher than roll cake calories.

When I take it out of the package, I can see that sugar coating is around the shoe dough.

I also compared the size with the iPhone X here.

At the moment of opening the package, it has the sweet smell of sugar coating and the impression that it is a junk dessert than a roll cake.

When I try to eat it, I have plenty of rare cheese cream in the puffy pastry. Rare cheese cream has a more eye-catching response than a roll cake cheese cream, and the impression of a cheese tart like taste when comparing the two.

I also have plenty of apricot sauce, but I can not feel the refreshing acidity of a roll of apricot jam. I was pressed by the flavor of the rare cheese cream that was fully contained in the puff pastry.

In addition, 'Uchi Café x PABLO cheese roll cake' is tax-included 230 yen, 'Uchi Café x PABLO cheese shoe' is tax-included 195 yen, and is being sold outside Lawson in the Okinawa area.

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