NASA researchers take pictures of glaciers melting and creating a beautiful 'pond' during unusual times

NASA has long reported that

Greenland's ice melts faster than expected, but a new NASA researcher reports that the ice has been melting earlier than usual. doing.

Airborne NASA scientists just filmed worrisome melting over Greenland

Researchers involved in NASA's Operation IceBridge, a project that observes Arctic and Antarctic ice by air, found a pond in Greenland's glacier during flight. You can see the pond that appeared in the glacier in the following video posted on Twitter by geologist Brooke Medley, a member of Operation IceBridge.

Depending on the angle, it is difficult to understand, but the part where the sun's light is reflecting and shining is where the ice starts to melt.

According to MacGregor, the ice starts to melt every year from late May to June, and it seems that the ice melted earlier than usual because the spring of 2019 was warm. The temperature of Greenland this spring rose to 10-15 degrees Celsius. MacGregor said that 'blue water is breathtakingly beautiful, but I'm concerned about the early onset of ice melting.'

This is a visualization of how much the temperature of Greenland in May 2019 has risen compared to the average of 1981-2010. Most have risen nearly five degrees. However, some people have pointed out that “The temperature of Greenland does not go as the average because the change is large” in the following figure.

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