'Onion burger: Domestic black vinegar and Setouchi navel tailoring' with fresh onion from Awaji Island with a crispy texture & 'Hotaku lemon ginger ale from Setouchi' tasting review

From Mos Burger, who is working to cherish Japanese food and food culture, onion burger made with Japanese black vinegar and Setouchi navel produced on May 15, 2019 on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. From Sunday (Thursday), ' Setouchi-made Hatsu Lemon Ginger Ale ' will appear. As I was able to eat in a press event, I actually checked what kind of taste the hamburger using the grace of the Setouchi region is.

We expand target area this year and hold in the whole Kansai area! 2019 Awaji Island Onion Festival-Launching limited edition products using Awaji Island new onion and Setouchi navel-


Newly released carbonated drink 'Setouchi Hakkoku Lemon Ginger Ale' using whole Setouchi fruit-Limited sale at Mos Burger in Japan from May 23 (Thursday)-
(PDF) https://www.mos.co.jp/company/pr_pdf/pr_190508_1.pdf

Arrive at Mos Burger.

When I entered the shop, a banner of an onion burger was on display next Wednesday, May 15, 2019, next to the seat for the press.

The ' onion burger domestic black vinegar and Setouchi navel tailoring ' (tax-included 380 yen) that was first provided is this. It is a burger that uses plenty of ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea, and stores offered are limited to Mos Burger in the Kansai, China, and Shikoku regions.

Fresh onion from Awaji Island grown in the field of the Moss co-op farmers is abundantly placed on the patties.

When I remove the bun, on top of the onion that covers the patties, a special sauce made of mixed peppers based on navel from Setouchi and domestic black vinegar rests.

When I try to actually eat it, the onion slightly pops out.

When I try to eat it, the onion from Awaji Island is so spicy that it feels slightly sweet and adds an accent to the fresh texture and texture. The sauce using the domestic black vinegar and the Setouchi navel was a refreshing taste like the sweet naval

marmalade , and the sour taste of the black vinegar and the pepper were slightly felt. The patties are usually used, and the meat taste spreads on the finish.

Onion burger is also provided with “ onion burger with domestic black vinegar and Setouchi navel-made cheese ” (tax-included ¥ 410) sandwiching sliced cheese.

When I ate this too, the taste of the fresh onion from Awaji Island with plenty of domestic black vinegar and Setouchi navel source was intact, and it was a burger with a firm taste of cheese on the finish.

' Setouchi Hakko Lemon Ginger Ale ' (S-size tax: 230 yen, M-size tax: 290 yen, L-size tax: 360 yen) is a carbonated drink made of Setouchi-made lemon and hot syrup divided by ginger ale.

A piece of grain contained in a bunch of citrus fruits called '

Sanou ' was topped.

When you drink it, you can feel the refreshing taste of citrus fruits with the stimulation of carbonated ginger ale. In addition, you can enjoy the crispy texture of the grain of custard occasionally. The bitterness of honey and the sweetness of honey were modest, and it was a refreshing drink that was perfect for hot weather.

'Onion onion burger with domestic black vinegar and Setouchi navelin tailoring' and 'Onion onion burger with domestic black vinegar and setouchi navel tailoring with cheese' is May 2019 at Mos Burger except for some stores in Kumano, Mie Prefecture, Kansai, China and Shikoku From the 15th (Wed) to the beginning of June 2019, 'Setouchi Hakkoku Lemon Ginger Ale' will be available from May 23 2019 (Thursday), with Mos Burgers nationwide excluding some stores.

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