Specially made BBQ sauce brings out the umami of meat and vegetables 'Hungry Suta Mina BBQ 丼' has been eaten in the legendary 丼

Hungry Sata Mina BBQ 丼 ” with plenty of fragrant grilled beef ribs, onions, peppers and paprika with “specially made special BBQ sauce” with excellent affinity with rice, 2019 It has appeared for a limited time from April 26th. I have actually eaten what kind of taste it is like a barbeque taste even though it is bowly.

【Limited time】 4/26 (Fri) appeared ★ 'Hungry Suta Mina BBQ 丼' | Legend's Star Tsujiya / Shop of Famous Star Tsuji [official site]

http://sutadonya.com/2019/04/18/ [period limitation] 426kinn-re-appearance ★ 'Teritama Oni Amusumi /

Arrive at the legendary Star Ashiya.

Purchase a food voucher and sit down. The order of “ Hungry you all BBQ BBQ ” has been carried in about 10 minutes after ordering. Hungry Satana BBQ bowl is served with miso soup, which is 980 yen with tax, 1090 yen with tax, 1130 yen with tax, 1240 yen with meat, including miso soup.

There are plenty of 'specially made BBQ sauce' which is a mixture of 150g of American beef ribs, paprika, peppers and onions with barbecue sauce and original yakiniku sauce, ketchup and grated garlic. I also felt the smell of grilled meat sauce, but the smell of garlic was not so strong.

Stir-fried bean sprouts are paved under the beef ribs. Furthermore, the rice below that is about 3 cups worth of tea bowl, so it seems to be quite responsive.

When you try it, the specially made BBQ sauce has a strong taste of legendary legendary Ashiya original yakiniku sauce, and it has a slight taste of ketchup and garlic. Beef ribs and vegetables are the taste of this specially made BBQ sauce at the stage of putting in the mouth, but the original taste of meat and vegetables appears to the extent that it scoops. Especially beef ribs are juicy, and the umami taste of meat and fat and the richness of fat flow out into the mouth. Aside from whether it was a barbecue-like taste, the compatibility with rice was outstanding.

On the side of the bowl is topped with gulliver mayonnaise, which can change the taste of the BBQ sauce with a thick taste of butter and a thick taste like dissolving egg yolk.

'Hungry Suta Mina BBQ 丼' has been available for a limited time from April 26th, 2019 at legendary 丼 丼 in Japan. However, it is not offered at Yodobashi Umeda store, Danshisaka SA (down line) store, Ario Hashi Hon store, Shimizu PA store, Fukuoka Tenjin store, Youmetown Hikari no Mori store, Nakano Shinbashi store, Mi ... So you need to be careful.

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