I tried to eat `` Shirataki Seimen Handa Somen Minaya Special '' with a deficit prepared with umami taste

Hand-made noodles , one of Tokushima's local gourmets, are sprinkled with sea bream kelp, and the sour noodles are hand-made from the soup stock from the sardines of the sea bream and Tokushima's specialty products. “ Minatani Special ” is being sold for a limited number of 20 meals a day in the “ Machi Asobi vol.22 ”, a combined event of animation and games held on May 4, 2019. I have tasted a cup of gems that can taste the umami taste of the lavishly locally.

The name “Miyatani Special” comes from Tomishima Prefecture singer-songwriter Naomi Minatani .

When I arrived in front of the store around 9am in the morning, it was starting to form a line even before it opened. Since it is limited to 20 meals a day, it will begin to line up immediately.

As the clerk came to pick up the order while in line, he ordered “Handa Somen Minaya Special” on the back menu and paid 600 yen. After accounting, you will be given a gift of one of two kinds of “

Ohenro ” collaboration designs. This is my choice.

When the service started at around 9:30, the line proceeded swiftly, partly because of the accounting. As you approach the store, you will feel the appetite of the scent of dashi that uses the strawberry ara.

There was a sign of voice actor Yuri

Ehara who served as a chief in the TV animation “Ohenro.

At the store, dry noodles, which are perfect for souvenirs, and handmade somen T-shirts are also on sale.

That's why I got 'Handa Somen Minaya Special'.

Somen noodles that have been chilled with ice are accompanied by wild vegetable warabi that Sormenman, the president of Shirataki Noodles, Morioka President himself has taken.

However, the main is the Kombu tightening of the sea bream that is topped with a deficit preparedness. The last 20 days of May 5 was the last 20 meals that were included, but the lucky person should have been able to eat three.

As soon as I ate the sea bream with kelp, the sashimi of the sea bream, which was soaked with the flavor and aroma of kelp, gave me a rich texture and refined sea bream.

Soldering noodles that are characterized by their thickness have a unique texture that is both crisp and chewy. The soup stock entangled with noodles is a blend of umami taste from arabic arabic, and the scent of bonito and the refreshing sourness of Sudachi are outstanding. The weather at Tokushima on that day was fine and the maximum temperature was as high as 25 degrees Celsius, but it was cold and light soup, so I was able to finish it quickly.

Even after the end of the 20-meal back menu, the lineup for regular soldering noodles on the regular menu grew in front of the store.

In addition, the cups and chopsticks after eating will be collected at the store, so it is OK if you speak to the store clerk.

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