Rendered images and movies of 'iPhone XI / XI Max' in 2019 leaked

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AttoOnLeaks CashKaro Blog of technology-based blog has partnered with is, the next iPhone (tentative name: iPhone XI) has published and rendering images and movies of the iPhone XI Max. The iPhone XI is slightly larger in size, and the back cover glass has a new design that connects smoothly with the camera.

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The following movie shows the rendered image of iPhone XI from 360 degrees.

CashKaro Exclusive: iPhone XI Final 360 Degree Video Renders-YouTube

The following movie is a movie where you can see the rendered image of iPhone XI Max from any angle 360 degrees.

CashKaro Exclusive: iPhone XI Max Final 360 Degree Video Renders-YouTube

According to this leak information, although the display size of the iPhone XS, which will be the successor to the iPhone XS to appear in 2019, is the same as the display size of 5.8 inches, the terminal size will be 143.9 mm long x 71.4 mm wide x 7.8 mm thin It is suggested that the terminal size is slightly larger than the iPhone XS, which is 143.6 mm long x 70.9 mm wide x 7.7 mm thin. In addition, the notch at the top of the display and the bezel width are said to be slightly smaller, but the change is described as 'it is almost indistinguishable compared to the iPhone XS.'

The glass cover design on the back is 'new and unique', and the details will not be clarified, but it will be an integrated cover glass including the uneven part of the

triple lens camera on the back. ' It has been.

The 9to5Mac, which reports Apple-related news, states that the cover glass should be integrated, including the camera, 'in theory, the camera irregularities should be slightly less noticeable.' The leaked rendered image looks as if the asperities on the camera are a bit smoother. In addition, including the uneven part of the camera, the thinness of the iPhone XI is said to be about 9 mm.

In addition, it can be seen that the microphone on the bottom of the iPhone XI has been slightly repositioned, and the design of the mute button on the side has also been changed.

Also, there is still a Lightning port on the bottom, and the transition to a USB-C port that has been upset may be missed.

Rendered image of iPhone XI Max leaked by CashKaro Blog is as below. The size of the iPhone XI Max is 157.6 mm long x 77.5 mm wide x 8.1 mm thin.

Basically, the design has been changed in the same way as the iPhone XI, and the rear triple lens camera is seamlessly connected to the rear cover glass. In addition, in the case of the iPhone XI Max, the thinness seems to be about 9.3 mm including the camera part.

It looks like this when comparing the size of iPhone XI Max (left) and iPhone XI (right).

It's like arranging the terminal color silver and space gray.

In addition, iPhone XI is also expected to support Wi-Fi 6, with additional features that enable wireless charging of Apple Watch and AirPods .

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