Twitter freezes more than 5000 bot accounts as 'spreading hoaxes', revealing the existence of a mysterious 'parent playing card' network


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Former US President Robert Moller presented a report in March 2019 on ' Russian Gate suspicion ' that Russia intervened in the US Presidential Election in 2016, Department was published. Under the circumstances, 'The more than 5000 bot accounts that were spreading the tweets that deny the report on Twitter were frozen at once,' reports foreign media ArsTechnica.

Twitter shuts down 5,000 pro-Trump bots retweeting anti-Mueller report beneficial | Ars Technica

Mr. Moller's report was submitted confidentially in March 2019, and the edited edition was published on April 18, 2019. Although most of the report is black and there are many parts that do not know the details of the content, Mr. Moller in the report said, 'I do not conclude that the president has been involved in fraud, but completely It is not something to be relieved. '

Moller Reports Over Suspicions in Russia Open, Democrats Call for Parliamentary Testimony-CNET Japan

President Trump revealed anger on Twitter after receiving a partial release of the report, and denied the contents, 'The report was written by 13 angry Democrats who dislike Trump.'

'This is a disappointing story. Robert Moller should testify publicly in parliament,' said Elizabeth Warren, a Democratic presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, Twitter has frozen more than 5,000 accounts that spread tweets that blame Mr. Moller's report. Most of the frozen accounts are believed to be bots with as few as three posts.

A joint survey by think-tank Foreign Policy Research Institute researcher Clint Watts and CNBC found that a frozen bot account was developing a negative denial of Russian gate suspense in the form of retweeting from the @TheGlobus account Did. In other words, the bot accounts that were frozen this time formed a huge parent card network centered around @TheGlobus.

At the time of writing, @TheGlobus, which had been frozen at the time of writing, used to exist as an official account of a Middle East news site called 'Arabian Veritas', but it was changed to 'The Globus' before long. The profile contains the URL of a news site called

The Globus , but is empty with no content.

According to a survey by ArsTechnica, @TheGlobus was registered in October 2017 and has been updating since March 2019. According to the April 20, 2019 snapshot of Internet Archives, tweeting was a positive message about the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian governments, a negative article against Iran and Turkey, and a report by Mr. Moller It was a series of news. The number of tweets was only 126, but the number of followers was around 21,200, and it seems that at least 5,000 of these were bots that were frozen this time.

Watts said in a phone interview with ArsTechnica: 'The anti-Russian Gate campaign was really sketchy and aimed to be hash-tagged for visualization.' Hashtags such as #RussiaGate are often used for tweets that condemn the tweet and Moller report in favor of the president by Trump presidential supporters such as Mr. Shawn Hannity, who is known as a conservative political critic. About.

In response to ArsTechnica's question, a Twitter spokesman commented that 'the account network and other networks involved were frozen because it violated the terms of Twitter', and the reason for conspiracy and the spread of fake news Revealed that the bot network was totally frozen. However, although the bot's parent card network has ceased to function, it is still unknown who is behind the account network that denies the alleged Russian gate, ArsTechnica said.

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