Kaspersky sues Apple for antitrust violations as 'Apple has removed other companies' apps from the App Store for their own apps'

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Russian computer security company Kaspersky on March 20, 2019 'Apple abuses its position as a platform owner of the App Store', the Fair Trade Commission in Russia in violation of antitrust law (antitrust law) Sued Apple for the Russian Federation antimonopoly . According to Kaspersky, when Apple added the Screen Times feature to iOS, it stopped selling the company's Kaspersky Safe Kids, which previously had features similar to the Screen Times, and created a deliberate monopoly. It is

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Kaspersky used the App Store to sell a parental control app, ' Kaspersky Safe Kids, ' which allows parents to monitor their iOS device usage. In 2018, Apple said that Kaspersky said, “Kaspersky Safe Kids uses profile settings in iOS and violates the terms of the App Store,” two of which are “App Control” and “Safari Browser Block”. Request to remove features. While Kaspersky continued to sell as two functions are essential, Apple has stopped selling Kaspersky Safe Kids on the App Store. Also, Apple has informed app developers to stop using tools that record the user's terminal screen.

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On the other hand, Apple has implemented ' Screen Times ' that displays how much time it spends per day on installed applications and websites just before the suspension of marketing for Kaspersky Safe Kids. Kaspersky states that 'Screen Times can monitor and limit the usage time of a specific website, and it is essentially a parental control app. The implementation of Screen Times and Kaspersky Safe Kids' sale stoppage is a coincidence 'I do not have.'

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Furthermore, Kaspersky has criticized that 'Apple has tightened the control of parental control application since the release of Screen Times'. According to a TechCrunch survey , the Mute, which has been on the App Store for four years, and the SPACE, which has been on the App Store for three and a half years, with features similar to the Screen Times, have been released in October 2018 and 2018, respectively. It turned out that the sale was suspended in January.

Kaspersky claims that the market has been monopolized by Apple's crackdown. Also, on March 14, 2019, a week before the suit, Spotify has also sued Apple for breach of antitrust law with the European Commission.

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