Movie shows how special makeup of 'Game of Thrones' is popular as a spectacular fantasy including sex and violence

The popular drama “ Game of Thrones ” has won a number of awards including the Emmy Award since the drama was released and the average number of viewers per episode on all platforms reached 30 million. The final chapter will be broadcast simultaneously from May 15 (Mon). Behind the shooting of a spectacular drama, over 50 special makeup staffs have given the actors a special makeup that takes hours to take until the filming begins, so the unknown back side is exposed .

Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Prosthetics-BTS (HBO)-YouTube

Many tools made of glass.

This is what makes a special make of the game of thrones.

Even if it says special makeup, it creates not only the face of a monster that appears to be fake at first glance, but also scars.

"I don't know how widely the audience is aware of the extensive and special make-up in the Game of Thrones," says ...

Barrie Gower , a special makeup designer.

What is spread on the table ...

Squashed skin. It was made to be able to peel off with peripheries.

Special makeup is a very complicated and time-consuming task.

It starts from making the cast of the actor's head first ...

I will actually make a mask.

It takes a lot of time to complete, including fine coloring.

And shooting is done after the actor's preparations are finally ready.

This situation plays between the camera and the green back ...

Completed as below. The effort of the staff doing special makeup is fruitful with the final image.

Here's how it looks like the shooting site doesn't include VFX.

It takes four to six weeks on average to create one special makeup.

Of course, actors who perform special makeup also need to sit in the chair for a long time, and great patience is required. It depends on the character how much preparation is required, but it may take 8 hours to make.

Because of this, when the rehearsal of the shooting is done, the special makeup staff has already finished one job.

While taking a look at the special makeup while taking pictures, it is in the stage of enjoying making things move in the world of the drama while making checks.

Make sure the makeup doesn't fall off the actor during the 12 hours the filming takes place.

And shooting is over, and it takes 2 hours to remove the special makeup from the actor.

As the drama season progresses, special makeup is getting bigger and bigger.

50 staff are stationed at the work place.

Managing this large number of people is a challenge, but it has been successful in securing talented staff.

Gower has been involved in the game of thrones since season 4, but at the time there were 6 waiters who needed special makeup.

It was said that even the special makeup of the six wights had great difficulties ......

The number will increase explosively the next year.

From this time, it seems that 40 to 50 special makeup staff are always on the spot when performing by Wight or White Walker.

This is the crystal of the staff's effort.

Gower was disappointed when he realized that the remaining episodes did not speak 13 but he said that he thought, "This is like a will."

The game of thrones is a big part of life, and it's hard work to finish the drama and move on to the next project. And the staff are like a single family, and some believe they will be afraid to leave, Gower thinks.

"The end is coming close, but I think it will be a spectacular ending," said Gower.

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