Adult actors are pioneering new sources of income to replace AV

The internet is flooded with pornography shot by amateurs, and pornographic actors make money in new ways other than typical pornographic works, saying that 'pornographic works are not a stable income in the adult industry'. It is said that they are beginning to get.

A study by Sophie Pezzutto, an anthropologist at the Australian National University , interviewed a transgender porn star in Las Vegas and found out how pornstars are making money today. It seems that it came.

Why adult video stars rely on camming

One of the most popular techniques for adult actors is to use a webcam to show how they are masturbating or having sex at home, which was previously considered 'not worth the time'. A method called 'Camming' to deliver. Fifteen years ago, pre-recorded pornographic footage was twice as profitable as webcam distribution, but nowadays this is reversed and the 2018 cumming industry will reach $ 2 billion worldwide. ) Is making a profit.



Modern cumming is like an online striptease, where performers with webcams on their PCs show to people in chat rooms. Performers usually set a tip amount, and the more chips are paid by the token, the more shows you can see. Many shows use sex toys and eventually reach orgasm, but there are also people who are creative, such as using roulette boards and costumes, and performing with couples and guests.

Chat room viewers can send messages to performers, requesting show content, or simply asking about their private lives. There is no set rule, and the show is about 1 to 4 hours, but many of Pezzutto's informants answered, 'We will hold a show for 2 to 6 hours a day several times a week.' Performers perform shows with breaks in between, but it seems that this is matched to office hours in big cities such as Newyork and Chicago, such as before the start of work, lunch time, and return time.

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Transgender pornstars earn $ 100- $ 200 (11,000-22,000 yen) in an hour of cumming, which seems to be a way for pornstars who already have a fixed fan to earn more. There is also a case where a porn star who performed a show at Christmas gathered up to 30,000 people.

In the United States, pornographic actors usually pay for each shoot. Las Vegas-based transgender pornstars are paid $ 800- $ 1200 per sex scene, which is above the average income of cisgender performers and top performers. It is said that it is in the position below. However, if I shoot a few shots a month, I may not be able to shoot at all the next month, so my income is not stable. Also, since the company does not cover costumes, you have to buy them yourself, which increases costs such as accommodation and transportation, so pornography is regarded as a marketing tool, not a main source of income. Some people are there.

Cumming is becoming more and more popular, partly because of the uniqueness of being able to communicate with your favorite porn actors. For pornographic actors, masturbating at the show has many advantages, such as not having to worry about HIV and being less exposed to the risk of pirated copies. On the other hand, there are also problems such as the lack of chips and the profits of performers by the company that operates Cumming.

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