The production behind the geisha type prosthesis of the movie "Ghost in the Shell" behind the scenes is this

Special make-up and miniature production studioWeta WorkshopHas been producing props of many famous movies including "Mad Max's Angry Death · Road", "Hobbit" series, "Avatar" and so on. The information site Tested arrives at the workshop of Weta Workshop which is also participating in the movie "Ghost in the Shell", and we are revealing behind-the-scenes behind the production of kimono female type prosthetic body appearing in the same work.

Adam Savage Behind the Scenes of Ghost in the Shell! - YouTube

What came to the studio in New Zealand is the TV series "Doubtful legend"Adam Savage is known for.

It was the founder of Weta Workshop who greeted Mr. SavageRichard TaylorMr.

This theme is a Geisha type prosthetic body of the movie "Ghost in the Shell" in which Weta Workshop is handling Props.

Director Rupert Sunders said he wanted to express Geisha type prostheses by making actual models rather than CG.TrailerSo there is a scene where the geisha type prosthetic face opens smoothly and a connector is hooked out from the mouth to hack the target, and the geisha type prosthesis of this scene is actually used masks and robots are used.

In shooting, the dancer is actually acting with a geisha mask wearing. At first it tried to use the actual actor who made up makeup, but incomplete face and skeleton unique to human beings were not suitable for expressing the nobility of geisha. As a result, it was decided to actually create a mask that the actor wears.

This time it has appeared in the same workFukushima RiraScan his face and create a mask based on that data. Because wearing a mask was a European person with a different skeleton from the Japanese, the inside of the mask was created according to the shape of the face of the actor. In order to prevent the mask from falling, it seems to be devised to catch on hard part of face such as forehead and cheeks.

Loosen the strap attached to the back of the mask ... ...

The mask is split into the front and the back, and it will become rash.

Pulling the strap to remove it is to make it easy for the actor to detach. According to Mr. Taylor, the act of wearing a mask is extremely stressful, so we are making it possible to remove it as quickly as possible.

The geisha type eyes have a structure similar to sunglasses, and securing a view of the actors.

Mr. Taylor has a connector for hacking which comes out from the mouth of Geisha type prosthetic body.

In the scene where the geisha type prosthetic face opens with pakari,AnimatronicsThe technology is used. The surface looks the same as the mask of the Geisha type prosthesis just before ... ...

When Mr. Taylor presses the switch, the face opens and the internal mechanism becomes full view.

If you look closely inside the face, you can see that a lot of gears are running around. The internal design incorporates the mechanics of the 17th century, the gimmick whose face is open is controlled digitally, and old technology and modern technology are fused together. Mr. Savage praised, "It is hard to imagine putting artists, engineers and craftsmen together."

Also, it is more difficult than an amateur imagines to design such that the piece of open face is closed at the same time and returns to its original position with no gap, Mr. Taylor also said "It was truly tricky" I will.

Weta Workshop led by Mr. Taylor is undoubted to adopt the latest technology that develops day by day, including incorporating 3D printers as quickly as possible. Mr. Taylor said, "I do not think that everyone in the audience will see the latest technology I saw one day ago on the next day.We started making" Ghost in the Shell "2 years ago There are many things that I thought as impossible two years ago is possible now, so it is very important to always adopt latest technology. "

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