How was the mask of a different color hero movie "Deadpool" made?

A self-centered hero activity and a talk of full-blown full opening, too much different color hero movie "dead pool"Is scheduled to be released in Japan in June 2016 (Wednesday) theatrical release. Deadpool wears a red mask at the time of hero activity, but the backstage behind the scenes like how the mask was made at the time of shooting is released.

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Deadpool's hero suit is characterized by red and black coloring.

"The mask is very important in the hero movie", and the visual effect team of "Deadpool" has produced a number of masks.

It seems that he started mask production from the beginning of the movie project. I am designing the mask by scraping the solid model of the face of Ryan Reynolds who plays the dead pool.

The shape of the eyes of the mask is the most important thing for a person wearing a mask to produce expression.

Ryan Reynolds says, "The mask was very important as there were lots of conversation scenes with the mask on."

In mask production, first digitally scan the face of Ryan Reynolds.

At the design stage, masks of several patterns were made by fine-tuning every part of the face height, chin line, eyes shape and so on.

Three dimensional models of mask made of clay are the following.

Next, I made a mask using cloth.

It seems that not only the mask but also the costume production were done in parallel.

It seems that a 3D printer was also used for mask production.

When actually acting with a mask, various problems such as stuffiness due to breathing and perspiration occurred.

The mask which was completed through twists and turns is kore.

There is a button at the back part of the head, and it is a mechanism that can remove parts of eyes with one touch.

Thanks to this, it is possible to replace parts suitable for each shooting scene.

For example, a design that opens wide around the eyes and makes it possible to widen the field of view for a stunt ... ...

It seems that things with meshes etc. were made entirely to increase the breathability.

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