Live action movie version "Ghost in the Shell (Ghost in the Shell)" trailer first release, Hollywood makes this

The first live-action movie "Ghost in the Shell" seriesGhost in the Shell(Ghost in the Shell) The first volume of the trailer has been released. In the trailer, characters such as "Major" battle scenes played by Scarlet · Johansson, "Aramaku Daisuke" played by Beat Takeshi, "Batou" played by Pilu Asbeck will appear.

Ghost in the Shell | First trailer | Paramount Pictures Japan - YouTube

Geisha type prosthetic body.

A woman nestling on the roof of a building.

Major Kusanagi element played by Scarlett Johansson.

In the room we are eating, we have the Geisha type right before.

Where geisha type prosthetic body was drinking alcohol to customers ......

Suddenly it attacks our customers.

Terrorists rush into the room and shoot guns.

The Major begins infiltration.

Dive from the roof of the building towards the bottom.

Major who falls head over heels.

Break the glass and rush into the scene.

We will beat the terrorists one after another with brilliant movements.

Hanka robotec who is developing dangerous technology.

Major being repaired.

If you are told that "I will break if I do not care more" ...

"Next time, I will change the design."

"People around me are everyone"

Major who speaks that "something is connected" appears to be connected by a cable extending from the back of the neck.

The stage is a cyber-punk world.

In a graveyard shaped like a fan, Major will show his expressions.

A scene where Major opposes a woman.

When a woman asks "Who?" ...

The two persons kiss each other.

Hanka Robotech that develops technology that brings wonders to the world.

A scene where a cyborg is made.

Major who disappears with optical camouflage.

Action scenes using optical camouflage are included.

Batou played by Pilu Asbeck.

Stabbing a gun at the dying enemy ...

It is Daisuke Aramaki played by Beat Takeshi.

Major who became unaware of who to believe ... ...

Batou calling out "I am your friend."

"I have a past"

"Know your identity"

A geisha-shaped garment whose face is open and stretched out as if seeking help.

Can the Major arrive at his identity?

Who is the person who wore a hood, "Their words are all lie?"

"They saved their lives"

"I took my life"

"Ghost in the shell" (Ghost in the Shell) will be released in 3D & 2D in April 2017.

The official website of "Ghost in the Shell (Ghost in the Shell)" has also appeared.

Movie "Ghost in the Shell" Official Site April 2017 Roadshow

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