What are the five important factors for growing children's talent?

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Child education is important enough not only for parents but also for the future of the nation. It is often thought that talent is born by a person, but children's talent can be extended by education. Professor Kenneth Kiuura who is in educational psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln introduces five methods of growing children's talent.

5 ways to develop children's talents

Some people may believe that "talent is unusual", but Dr. Benjamin Bloom, an American educational scholar famous for (PDF) six-step model of thinking , studies genius in six different fields As a result, "I can grow if almost everyone in the world receives appropriate education". According to Dr. Bloom, five points of "starting efforts from an early age", "guiding experts", "having exchanges with talented people", "having a good practice environment", "having children engaging in oneself" Elements are important.

◆ 1: Starting efforts from a young age - In order to bloom talent, everything should be started from an early age. As a result of investigating geniuses active in various fields such as chess and figure skating, it turned out that 22 out of 24 people had gifted education for gifts from 2 to 5 years old.

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There are cases where parents who are experts themselves educate themselves as children. Lauren Cook , one of the nationally-represented volleyball players, was one of them and was under the guidance of a father, John Cook, who had the experience of teaching volleyball at the national championship since childhood. On the other hand, even if the child shows interest in a field completely unrelated to himself, there are parents who make efforts to give gifts to gifts to their children. Adora Suvitak 's parents were not writers, but Adola became interested in reading as a young adola gotten to read and read books for over an hour every day.

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Parents urged Adola to write his books, helped publish books, and advanced all their cooperation. As a result, Mr. Adora has published two books by the age of 11 and has reached more than 100 performances all over the world.

◆ 2: Guidance by experts Some parents spare labor to get expert guidance. Chess' Grand Master , Keiden Troff, learned chess when he was only 3 years old when he saw his father and brother playing chess. My father reads books, watches videos and makes efforts for Kayden who will improve at a tremendous speed.

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However, gradually my father will not become a partner of Mr. Keiden, his father chooses Mr. Caden to take a chess ground master course through the Internet. Mr. Kayden's parents worked more than 30 hours a month as custodians who manage stocks and bonds on behalf of investors on behalf of investors, and for Mr. Kayden, 300 dollars a month (thirty three thousand yen) classes I paid a fee.

◆ 3: Planned Practice - Genius always makes a goal when training, definitely will not pull out. America's state representative at the swimming state state captain Caroline Tier said "Those who do not know swimming a few round trips to the pool may think that practice is over, but in fact, thinking does not work at all I will continue to swim even if it goes beyond my body pain, shortness of breath and nausea.I am exhausted, I am tormented by the pain of my whole body, it makes it hard to find my motivation, "recalls how difficult swimming practice is .

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◆ 4: Having a good practice environment
Rodeo 's National High School Championship Champion Jade Atkins ' parents were horses specialized trainers, with excellent pedigree horses and trailers capable of carrying horses for rodeo matches. Jade's house was an environment where I was born and able to nurture the talent of rodeo.

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However, people who are born in a blessed environment are rare, and if there is not a good practice environment in the vicinity, you should go to a place where you can provide a good practice environment even if you are away from home. Jack Sok, who has won the Wimbledon Championships and the US Open in the four major tennis competitions, has a tennis specialty classroom where many talented children gather in the neighboring state over the course of a week on weekends I went to. If parents help, talented children gather in a high-level environment as if guided, and such gatherings will help to extend talent.

◆ 5: Children themselves getting in casualty The parents of boys who were keen on chess picked up chess from a boy because of poor grades at school, but the boy was so pathetic as to think that the soul was passed through It seems that it has become. When I asked my parents why the boy was so desperate, he told me, "She definitely enjoys chess thoroughly," he said. In order to nurture talent, it is important that children get involved.

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Regarding parents who are working on extending the talent of children, Professor Kiyura said, "There are many parents to push practice, but my parents surveyed help me by watching the children's enthusiasm for their own effort Only parents can do only parents to give up their children and to give money to practice for them for a long time.More than their parents love their children and wish for their children We are helping it because we want to do it. "

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