In Mexico there is a school that collects 'Shinto Children'

It is thought that there are about 1 million geniuses in Mexico, but it seems that only 4% are actually able to demonstrate their talent. To change this situation, there is a school that gathered geniuses in the capital city of Mexico City, so the YouTube channel · Great Big Story is approaching that figure.

Mexico's Child Geniuses - YouTube

The name of the school is " Centro de Atención al Talento ".

The center of this school is Mr. Daphne · Almasan , 16 years old.

Mr. Daphne was the youngest person in the world at the age of 13 and qualified as a psychologist and sometimes was chosen as a "powerful woman in Mexico" by Economic Paper Forbes.

At the age of 14, he finished his curriculum and is about to be 16 years old and is finishing his doctorate in law. Mr. Daphne is a multilingual company dealing with English, French, Latin and Chinese ( normal talk ), he seems to be studying each language after finding time.

In Mexico, it is thought that there are one million "shinobi" like this Mr. Daphne, but many can not demonstrate that talent. Therefore, Mr. Daphne is a teacher at Centro de Atención al Talento where he is from his / her home and teaches psychology.

Mr. Daphne says that in ordinary schools it is not possible to accept the talent of "Shinto child", and there are many cases that are discriminated. In some cases it is said that there is an unjust diagnosis that it is "ADD (attention deficit disorder)". Because ordinary schools for such "Shinki" are boring and can not concentrate on classes, it is necessary for a person in the same position like Mr. Daphne to teach the contents of the level corresponding to each child.

As an example, this boy appearing in a movie memorizes the periodic table of the element.

This child seems to know all the bone name of the human body.

Daphne and others' efforts may not be so far as Mexican talent hits the world.

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