PS 4 can be played even on the destination with iPhone Setting & play of the PS7 Remote Play official application will be super easy and convenient

PlayStation 4 (PS 4) has a function called remote play that can play PS4 games from remote locations using PS Vita or PC . Until now, Sony's Xperia series only supported remote play on smartphones, but since the application " PS4 Remote Play " that enables remote play from the iOS device newly appeared, I tried using it immediately It was.

"PS4 Remote Play" on the App Store

PS4® system software "version 6.50" update is done! | PlayStation.Blog

When you actually play PS4 remotely with iPhone using the PS4 Remote Play application, it will be like this.

Landscape with "PS4 Remote Play for iOS" Remote play and such feeling - YouTube

Applications can be installed from the App Store . Tap "Get" when opening the page.

When installation is completed tap "Open".

When opening the application it looks something like this. To start remote play Tap 'Start' at the center of the screen.

Since you are prompted to sign in to the Playstation Network (PSN) account, enter the authentication information of the PSN used for PS4 used for remote play and tap "Sign in".

The application will start searching PS4. Naturally, searching will not be finished when PS 4 power to be connected remotely is not turned on at this time. Also, PS4 itself needs to be updated to system software version 6.50 or later.

In addition, since the application side needs to be connected to Wi-Fi, even if attempting remote play at the time of non-connection, the following warning is only notified.

If you use the Remote Play application while PS 4 is turned on, "Registering ..." is displayed on the screen ...

After a while, the screen of PS4 is displayed on the screen of the smartphone, and it is now possible to remotely control PS4 with just this operation. The PS4 screen is displayed in the red frame portion at the top of the screen, and the virtual controller is displayed in the lower half. You can operate as an L3 or R3 button by tapping the analog stick twice as written in the blue frame at the bottom of the screen.

You can operate at the same time up to 2 places of cross key or left analog stick and ○ × △ □ button ... ...

When there is a need to further manipulate up to L1 · L2 and R1 · R2 button there, I feel the limit of the virtual controller indeed. In remote play of Xperia, since it is possible to connect a smartphone with DUALSHOCK 4 which is a wireless controller of PS 4, it is likely to be able to play games with high actionality, but in iOS version it is impossible to use DUALSHOCK 4 at the time of article creation, iPhone It is necessary to play only with the virtual controller displayed on the screen.

The following movie will show you how it will feel when you actually operate. You can understand how much the button operation on the screen of iPhone and the lag from when you press the button until it is reflected on the operation on the screen. It's quite fewer than I imagined, but it's obviously not going to be suitable for games that contend for a one second difference. However, it seems that you can play plenty of novel games and turn-like RPG with less action.

Remote play with iOS version "PS4 Remote Play" like this and YouTube

Also, if you hold the iPhone horizontally, PS4 games can be played on a bigger screen as below.

However, in the case of sideways holding, it seems that some degree of familiarity is necessary because the virtual controller will disappear as follows after a while.

PS4 Remote Play application can also use PS4 voice chat function. To activate, tap the microphone button at the bottom left of the screen and tap "OK" OK.

When I tried playing " Happy boyfriend " of a love game with less action, I enjoyed it without stress with the PS4 Remote Play application.

For use of "PS4 Remote Play" application, iPhone 7, iPad (6th generation) and iPad Pro (2nd generation) or later terminals with iOS 12.1 or later installed are recommended, and the PS4 main body also supports system software You need to update to version 6.50 or later.

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