'Calbee pizza potato taste noodle' made pizza potato into cup noodles & & Sapporo potato Babe Q I tried 'A Sapporo Potato Baabe Q Azaki Soba' which made cup baked aza soba

Sapporo potato barbeque Q aza is a popular item of snack confectioner maker · Calbee " Sapporo Potato Baabe Q Azumaki Soba " which made cup-fried soba, and " Calbee Pizza potato " which made pizza potato which is one of Calvie's classic potato chips cup noodles Taste noodle "has appeared from SANPORO No. 1 SANYO food. I was wondering what happens when popular snacks are reproduced instantly, so I actually tried it.

Sanyo Food Sapporo Potato Baabe Q Azabaki Soba 【Lawson Preceding Items】 | Lawson Official Site

Sanyo Food Calbee Pizza Potato Taste Noodles 【Lawson Preceding Items】 | Lawson Official Site

"Sapporo Potato Baabe Q Azaki soba" is a package like this, packaged like this, a snack of Sapporo potato barbeque Q aza .

Raw material names include raw potatoes such as powdered potatoes, chicken extracts, chicken powder, beef extract, pork extracts, french fries, chicken, sweetened meats, and so on.

It is 123 g per meal and the calorie is 603 kcal.

I peeled off the package and opened the lid, it contained two pouches.

Pouch is a seasoning oil and special powder sauce, just before you eat.

Pour hot water to the inner line ......

Wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, peel off the part of the hot water cut in the lid and discard the hot water.

Completely peel off the lid, put seasoning oil and special powder sauce.

Mix them firmly ......

Completion It looks like a lightly baked soba with sauce, but the smell is that of Sapporo potato barbeque Q aza.

When eating it, I feel that the unique flavor of that Sapporo Potato Baabe Q-Aji is well reproduced. There is almost no discomfort due to the fusion of potato chips taste and fried noodle, it has become a taste that can be eaten easily.

Compared with the actual Sapporo potato barbeque Q aza snacks, compared to eating, the fried soba is rather quite tasty in taste. After eating yakisoba, I was able to feel "snacks, not being tasty ... ...?"

This package of "Calbi pizza potato taste noodles" looks something like this, with a design that makes pizza and cheese stand out.

At the top of the cup was "finished pouch" to put just before eating.

Looking at the raw material name, cheese powder, tomato powder, and cheese-like fat and oil processed goods, fries and potatoes, as raw materials with a sense of pizza potatoes.

It is 101 g per meal and calories are 482 kcal.

If you remove the small sack of finish from the lid and open the lid, you do not know whether it is a cheese-style fat or oil processed product or French fries, but the ingredients are rusty.

Pour hot water to the inner line ......

Wait 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, when opening the lid it looks like this, cheese and potatoes melted slowly looks pretty good.

Put the contents of the finish sachet. It looks like rice oil inside.

Completion if it mixes firmly is completed.

When I eat it, I feel strongly the flavor of acidic tomatoes. The cheese feels the smell and flavor, and the melted cheese does not become entangled in the noodles. In addition to the tomatoes and cheese, I feel a little bit of hot pepper, but in general the tomato soup became cup noodles with cheese melted in the base soup.

Compared to eating with real pizza potatoes, pizza potato has a rather intense taste of cheese and tomatoes feel a little in the aftertaste. Calbee Pizza Potato Taste of noodles is mainly taste and cheese is considerably weak, so the potato chips' pizza potatoes were less reproducible, rather it was a different interpretation of "pizza potato" with tomato flavor in front .

"Sapporo Potato Baabe Q Azumaki Soba" "Calbee Pizza Potato Taste Noodle" is preliminary sold at Lawson throughout the country excluding some stores from February 12, 2019, both at 216 yen including tax.

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