Disney Pixar is releasing an action adventure 'Smash and Grab' depicting two robots escaping from a given work on YouTube

A short movie called Smash, a robot designed to "strike" minerals and "Grab" of a robot designed to "grab" it, escaping from his work and freedom ... ... " Smash and Grab " is on YouTube.

Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts - YouTube

A certain star.

In the world where several aerial cities float, the ground is used not for living but for industrial purposes.

A train running on the ground.

In that window ......

Two robots were working.

"Smash" is a robot with drills and hammers attached to hands. Drilling down mineral that becomes fuel ... ...

I hit it with a hammer and move it to the center of the car.

Grab grasping mineral that becomes fuel is "Grab"

Grab will drop fuel somewhere.

Although it is two bodies who were seriously working ......

Suddenly entering play mode.

Fuels that Smash threw or hit ......

Grab received will throw to the goal.

......, Grab is a serious robot, and it is hard to get in.

Repeat trial and error over and over ... ....

Finally Korori and ore enter the goal.

Grabbing Grab

Smash also got pose

Two body bounced off ... ...

I try to high touch, but because it is connected by a cable for power supply, it is not high touch.

Two bodies that fall as they are pulled by the cable.

Smash to handle the cable violently, as it says "This cable should not be missed!"

What Smash saw from the window ......

Robots who live in an airborne city.

Because robots use portable fuel instead of cable, they can move freely and high touch possible.

In the eyes of Smash who looks at it as if to hurt ......

The appearance that Grab is doing high touch with myself who got portable fuel was floating.

Actually, this train is to carry the portable fuel we saw earlier.

Smash does not listen to Grab's stillness ......

I cut my power supply cable.

Then open the door of the floor and go out.

Grab me alone, grin.

Warning alarm and warning light suddenly start to operate.

At that moment, it came out again from the door ... ...

Smash with a portable fuel stolen on his back

The charging lamp lights perfectly. It shows full charge.

Smash to give portable fuel even before Grab

I will switch the fuel by cutting the feeder cable.

And two on top of the train.

In the eyes of Grab ......

The world I have not seen is spreading.

However, the pursuit of two bodies that stole the fuel approaches.

Robots heading on the train following two destinations.

A robot that appeared ......

Smash hammered with a hammer ......

The familiar work that Grab caught.

At the moment Grab lifted the robot overhead "What's this?"

The robot will collide with the signage and be destroyed.


Two bodies that will steadily destroy the pursuer's robot in the same way.

When Smash strikes a part of fuel, it looks like something. Look at the fuel section that started lit and shimmering Grab.

Try throwing out for the time being ......

Large explosion.

However, with a momentary skiing, the muzzle of the robot faces Grab.

Grab punched out

Grab collapsed, it stopped working as it was.

In a hurry, Smash crawls, but there is no reaction.

A pursuer that continually increases.

As Smash decided, I will remove the fuel.

Now that you remove fuel, Smash will not hold you for a long time.

Hitting it for the pursuit ... ...

A big explosion

The ending that two robots will welcome can be confirmed from the movie.

The above movie is a work of the new series 'SparkShorts' which Pixar has released. SparkShorts has published an independent short movie made by Pixar artist and director, and the story "Purl" of different wool balls struggling in male-only workplaces so far is also made public. Smash and Grab is directed by Brian Larsen who worked on ' Iron Giant ' and ' Remil ' s Delicious Resil ', and you can see how Bird tells about production from below.

Go Behind the Scenes of Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts - YouTube

"Smash and Grab is an action adventure that two robots try to escape from their work," said Larsen.

Producer is Mr. David Lally .

As its name suggests, Smash is a robot specializing in "striking" with a hammer, Grab is a specialized robot to "grab". When two robots do something other than the purpose designed, how far do you try to do each other? It is this work that drew that.

This is the sketch stage Smash and Grab.

When it is decided that it is a robot's story, he seems to have adopted the design of Art Deco to show the atmosphere of Si-Fi and that it is a different world from the real world.

The work incorporates motion capture ... ...

The movements of the two robots incorporate actual human movements.

The scene where the jumped man is swinging his arm ... ...

Smash has been incorporated into the movement of cutting off its power supply cable.

When I capture the captured motion ... ...

It is as if the robot starts moving as if it had a life.

Also, the following movies talk about works. The theme of robot was used to express ideas such as "existence created for something of one purpose" and "seeking freedom from chains connected days".

Meet the Filmmakers Behind Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts - YouTube

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