How will you become able to use effectively if you acquire knowledge?

Various kinds of information are flowing in modern society, but how can we utilize the information like Warren Buffett which made a great success in investment, a blog that is sending out information for a better life "Farnham · Street "is summarized.

Compounding Knowledge

Many of us are consuming information that can not be used tomorrow, while Buffett is focusing on information that changes very slowly. By accumulating information that can be used for a long time, we can combine various kinds of information so that we can build a foundation of great knowledge.

Farnham Street is a signature that distinguishes short-lived information, "being information being sold", "lacking in detail and nuance, understanding easily", "being unrelated after 1 month or 1 year Three of them are taken up. For example, information that only "what happened" is applicable rather than "why it occurred" or "what kind of situation would it reoccur?"

Also, Alice · Schroder, author of Buffett's biography " Snowball ", said in his speech that it is important to think deeply and look at every detail. It is easy to blame other people without thinking about themselves, but by thinking things in detail without blaming others, you can wear information that other people overlook. By continuing these customs, it is said that the information that can be interpreted swells in a snowball style.

In addition, when Alice needs to decide something, in that it has to have necessary information before that decision, searching for information and searching for information already is It is said that keeping learning constantly is the secret of Buffett's success as it is very different.

It is not advisable to imitate Buffett perfectly but it is important to think about three questions, what Buffett is doing, why it works, and whether it can be applied to the situation of himself, Farnham · Street concludes the article.

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