You can raise productivity on the contrary by using customs to delay procrastinating things to do


"Procrastinating action" to postpone what to do until just before the deadlineThere are many people who want to give up but want to keep it ...... To break off procrastinationLife calendar "your life"Although they are also made, there is a way to raise productivity by using the reverse rather than stopping procrastination behavior at all.

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For the "procrastinate postponement" method, the following movies can be confirmed from the following.

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A man who answers, "I will postpone all the time, I am still doing" when asked, "Would you delay procrastination?"

Another male answers "work" by being asked "What kind of thing will be postpone?"

A woman asked "Is there something wrong with procrastination?", Answered "Yes" with an immediate answer.

In this way, many people are doing "procrastination behavior", while also hoping to stop procrastination behavior. The problem is that the brains of those who do procrastinate behaviors are seeking rest. Then, is it possible to "procrastinate procrastinating" while giving the brain's rest?

"Power of customs The Power of Habit"Journalist Charles Duigg, who is the author of the book, says that procrastination is not a" moral weakness "but a" habit "consisting of actions, routines, and remuneration. For example, "Trigger" indicates that the mailbox is full, "Routine" checks Facebook, and "Reward" indicates that you can refresh by taking rest.

So when I hear that a reporter Olga Kazan is procrastinating behaviors, "If you take 5-10 minutes of procrastinating behavior you feel refreshed?" ...

"I do not feel that way, after the procrastination action I do passively doing what I should do or I lose my concentration," how did I waste my time with procrastination "I think," the woman said.

On the other hand, a man asked, "Why do you think you will take procrastination action?" This man is "acting as if there is nothing to approach but doing other things is a good feeling "Answer. In other words, procrastination action has a role of refreshing the head, but in some cases it may end up simply as a "waste of time".

There is a treatment called "Simplified Habit Reversal" as a method of raising productivity by using procrastination behavior.

Habit reversal is usually used as a cure for people with habit of killing the body and pulling the hair.

The act of checking Facebook, etc. is done unconsciously as well as nail clippings etc, so it is possible to use the technique of habit reversal method. The practice reversal method is "(1) practicing under consciousness" (2) learning of antagonism reaction "(3) relaxation practice" (4) chance management of chance "(4) generalization exercise"It is done in a way. First of all, whenever you touch Facebook, you record, etc., each time, you will be able to recognize under what circumstances you touch Facebook and consciously do unconscious actions. This is (1) conscious practice. Then, let the body learn another action such as "clean the desk when you want to see Facebook", (2) learning antagonism reaction should be able to replace procrastination action with productive action It is the theory that.

In addition, Implementation Intention is also useful. The intention of execution is "If you are ○ ○, do ΔΔΔ", and decide in advance what kind of action to take at what time. In this method, first, we write what we have to do as a To Do list.

And if you read "Read a book" in the list, you set up the act of "checking Facebook" in advance after the task ... ...

Without depending on the power of will, you will be able to replace the custom of Facebook with the practice of "reading books".

Procrastination behavior is not all bad. Stanford University philosopher John Perry advocates "structured procrastination theory", according to Mr. Perry "We do another work with less importance by procrastinating important work" By taking the habit of using it aside and laying down the most important work, I can put more and more work of less importance. In other words, by using procrastination behavior you can make simple tasks productively.

What comes to mind here is whether another task to be done when procrastinating on important things is "a completely useless act" or "a task with low importance but a task to do". Procrastination actions are not all bad, but depending on the way you can increase productivity. It is necessary to think about an alternative "procrastination act" that does not feel guilty after procrastinating actions and allows you to refresh your head.

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