Original animal characters that are lovable, cool and meaningless

At the venue of One Fest 2019 [Winter] where we can meet lots of original characters' figures, I was able to meet lots of original animal characters that motivated animals and living things other than humans.

8-29-05 At the " Whoopie pie " booth, many cute animal girls were lined up.

The new character "SUUCHU of Ugisu". It seems to be a quiet girl based on the gourd.

It is very lovable as if you are clear.

It is "Melo of Medi" introduced in article of One Fest 2018 [winter] that lined up with Sue chan.

There was constantly a crowd 4-14-05 " Foot" trace "Booths were displaying various items of foxes and cat motifs.

The Egyptian god "Anubis" and the goddess "Bastet" which are often drawn in like dogs, cats and foxes.

"Thin anubis" (left) and "thick pasta" (right)

This is "thick anubis" (left) and "thin pasta" (right)

The pedestal was shaped by a mark of amulet that symbolizes life in ancient Egypt.

Sexy atmosphere and fascinating pose cat is "Temptation invincible cat". Generally speaking of the left hand is called "inviting people" inviting cat, but there is no doubt that you will be invited if you are tempted like this.

A pipe is carried on the right hand, and it is like a flower garden (owner) coupled with a magical atmosphere.

A cat with a provocative attitude in a different direction from "Temptation invincible cat" is "provoking inviting cat".

Expressions and poses that you can hear the words "Come, come over".

When two people are lined up, I feel I will invite anything that is not blessed at all.

Especially the eye catch in the booth is the shaping of Japanese foxes and cats armed with Japanese style.

"Fox samurai" wrapped in heavy armor.

It is also paying attention to making fine Kozaki.

In contrast, "Lightning Fox Samurai" is the only kimono to wear. I feel that a shallow yellow kimono like Shinsengumi surprisingly matches the fox face.

A standing striking back is very cool.

"Kami Samurai" which is also a kimono of the same wearing kimono.

While checking out neat facial features ......

I could not take my eyes off from the waist sword, the tail that caught me, my feet and the shapes of the person underneath.

The fox faces are too suited for "ninja fox", a figure with a dynamism with thunkars and kunai.

" Tsutsushi Usui " which manipulates a type of fox possessing " fox fox " was wearing a thin fox like a rope and released a strong character feeling unfamiliar.

"The fox shooter" with two pistols. A combination of old-fashioned guns and kimono is cool.

"Generals Nine Tail Fox" which knows strength from a dignified appearance. It is worthwhile for the top of warriors of lots of foxes and cats lined up.

4-23-01 In the " Haruki Korie ehoshin " booth, I met a combination of compatibility with its compatibility with a pale white dragon "Shiloh" and a black black cat "Kuro" so that it blends into the darkness.

Shiro in a mysterious figure has a very calm look on the contrary to its powerful appearance.

Kurosu sitting beside Shiro.

It seemed that there was a strong bond beyond the wall of the tribe in a figure that nestled without gaze.

Too cute "Egg Dragon" that was exhibited at the same booth.

Big ears and big eyes like Fennec, Mohumov's tail. A small horn showing a certain strength in such a pretty appearance.

The blue dragon here is wrapped in a mysterious scalp from early childhood and I am looking forward to see what kind of beautiful dragon will fly in the future.

8-36-06 I met him at the " Children's " booth, "Kangaroo-san" giving off an unspeakable atmosphere.

Kangaroo with a barely physical body.

Lily eyes, a trained body, a hardly grasped fist, everywhere you look "a man inside a man."

Next to the massive kangaroo is Mr. Kangaroo who is also a manly man in Dundee.

I was expressing my deep expression of saying that the acidity and sweetness of the world have also taken care of it.

To the venue has stopped many times in colorful animal characters that are cute, cool, or creepy, but among them the most unusual thing was the 4-32-02 " Underdog Squad " booth There were 2 bodies. This is the giraffe which I wore as a cabin attendant as the name of "A Flight Attendant Giraffe".

As if you can do OL, it is a crispy face, but its appearance is grueling without grueling.

The body wrapped in the blue uniform is a preeminent proportion, it seems that though the hands cleanly covered with arms and white gloves from the cuffs also slurry and the legs that stretch slide and stretch it will stop looking in the cabin ... ...

From the neck extending from the collar was above all obvious giraffe.

Another unique character named "An Astronaut Whale" whale wearing space suits was lined up as if to laugh at giraffe-confused visitors.

It is a magnificent walking figure that remembers even the emotion that it says "It is a small step for human beings but a great step for mankind" ... ...

It was a whale to keep the blue earth behind.

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