Headline news on February 8, 2019

Broadcast from April 2019 of the TV anime " Nami Amida Buddha! - Lotus Star UTENA - " depicting Buddha's everyday life was decided, the first key visual and the latest PV was released.

The key visual is drawn by the mission of Buddha Kyorai, and descended into this world, the two great guardians good gods' imperial statue and Brahma. The brilliantness of the imperial prince who respects righteousness and the targeted dynamism of Brahma who respects the doctrine by calm deposition are drawn.

The PV is introduced to the OP theme song "Tengaku" by Meiken Tenshi (voice: Masaaki Underwater), and unique character characters are introduced.

TV anime "Nami Amida Buddha! - Lotus Star UTENA -" 1st PV - YouTube

◆ Work information
· Staff <br> Original: "Nami Amidada Buddha! - Lotus Star UTENA-" (DMM GAMES / Visualworks)
Director: Ogro Akira series composition: Erika Yoshida Character design: Masato Kato Music: Keiichi Fujisawa Animation production: Asahi Production production: DMM pictures
OP theme: "Tengaku" Emperor Teng (CV: Masaaki Underwater)
ED Theme: "Ruby" Ohashi small spot

· Cast : Takashi Takin: Underwater Masaaki Bonten (Bon Ten): Maeno Tomoaki Dainichiro (Destinyoriya): Takuya Kakihara Akira Kirai (Yasuyuki Arashi): Yusuke Kobayashi Amida Birthday ( Ayaidori): Hirakawa Daisuke Buddha Nyorai (Shakanoriya): Morikubo Shotaro Yakushi Goro (Yakushi Noria): Matsuoka Tadenako Monogatari Bodhisattva (Monju Bosatsu): Ryuichi Kijima Fumon Bodhisattva (Fumogudosatsu ): Horie Tsumari Jizo Bodhisattva (Yuzo Bosatsu): Yatsushiro Taku Miroku Bosatsu (Mikkutsutsutsu): Ayumu Ayumi Kannon Bodhisattva (Kenzo Bosatsu): Yuzo Uchida Fudosobozasa (Tempozushi): Tenzaki Kouhei Kokoroza Bodhisattva: Kisho Taniyama Fudoiyo: Kengo Kengo Buddha Takaragi: Kararawan Yamashita Ashura Ohashi: Asao Suzuki Mara ( Mahora): Takeshi Otsuka

· Original plan "Nami Amida Buddha! - Lotus Star UTENA-"
Manufacturer: DMM GAMES
Genre: Anxiety Purification Battle RPG
Delivery schedule: this winter / pre-registration acceptance price: basic play free (there is partial charge)
Supported Platforms: App Store / Google Play / PC
© DMM GAMES / Visualworks / Nami Ami Hathone Project

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◆ Society · Politics · Economy (Incidents · World News · Business)
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