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Today · Friday, January 25, 2019 (Friday) from 21 o'clock Friday the road SHOW! Is "Lupine The Third" TV special special latest work " Goodbye Partner ".

Lupine has been fighting against a number of enemies so far, but it is Daisuke Dimension that was standing in front of Lupine this time for a long time. There are cases in which the dimension belongs to another camp and opposes Lupine in the past, but the betrayal of the form of "Lupine takes away the diamond that he stole" is Fujiko. What on earth is it like ....

Friday road SHOW! Tonight at 9 am OA "Lupine III Goodbye Partner" The first full-length broadcast of the complete original story TV first broadcast! - YouTube

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By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

AI made "famous actress porn" explosion - GIGAZINE

Dolphin passes the "Miller Test" which recognizes himself in the mirror earlier than a human baby - GIGAZINE

Interview on "Detroit", the latest work depicting a shivering evening of 50 years ago by director Kathryn Bigelau of "Heart · Rocker" - GIGAZINE

Silicon Valley Billionaire to prepare for the survival toward the "Last Judgment Day" visited by the evolution of AI - GIGAZINE

I tried to fight the muddy at "Mushroom Mountain VS Takeoko no Sato Othello Game 3" that may end the mushroom bamboo war - GIGAZINE

Case examples where "search" function when smart phone is lost collects at specific house - GIGAZINE

I tried acting miso soup in Cuba which is still being distributed - GIGAZINE

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"Catastrophic damage" to the earth if we do not reduce meat by half | National Geographic Japanese version site

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Pioneer Delisting to Continue "Compensation" Continue Compensation: Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Pioneer and Hong Kong funds affiliated affiliated extraordinary shareholders meeting: Asahi Shimbun Digital

An extraordinary general shareholders 'meeting of major pioneer car navigation company is in Tokyo, on 25th, a large number of votes approved by Hong Kong fund' s bearings to private bearings, equity Asia. Become a wholly owned subsidiary of bearings in March and abolish listing. A prestigious manufacturer in the 81st year foundation, once named as a sound / visual equipment, enters under umbrella of foreign capital and starts again.

Government fundamental statistics, 20 percent of 22 statistics mistake extraction method etc: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Following the fraud investigation question of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare over the monthly labor statistics, the government inspected whether 56 basic statistics were properly investigated, and as a result, there were some problems including 31 mistakes in total of 22 statistics, which was 40% I understand things on the 24th. There were also 21 mistakes that could fall under statistical law among them.

Withdraw from ZOZO! "MIKI HOUSE" President to the Weekly Shincho "Truly awesome" | Daily Shincho

I found a sale by chance on the net "ZOZOARIGATO", I wonder if this is different. As soon as I found it, I erased it from the (* ZOZO) site. Although it says that ZOZO has a discount amount to acquire a new member, all products are discounted at 30% or more (※ The service first month is 30%, the rest is 10%). Of course, if the products sold at department stores are all fixed price, it will not be, but, in order to hurt the brand image, foreign business people are doing well.

In that sense, the ZOZO 's sale is that the department store' s face is not stiff. Well, since sales at ZOZO are about 0 · 5% or so, I do not care about it anyhow, but I guess I should take a break for now.

Unpaid employees' hardships "Can not understand" Secretary of Commerce of the richest US Secretary of Commerce, loan recommended criticism rush photo 1 international news: AFPBB News

Piracy DL regulation criticizing victims' cartoonists Rapid Agency for Cultural Affairs: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Chiba University, compulsory study abroad for all entrants from 2020: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Dragging 1 kilometer by car Driving a man arrested for disposal on hold: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Male release 1 kilogram dragged in death disposing college student dead Urayasu | Chiba Daily News Online

We will change the station name of 4 stations in March 2020 | FY 2018 | News Releases | Corporate Information | 【KEIKYU WEB】 Keikyu Dentetsu Official Site

About 2.1 million people with influenza patients alert level in all prefectures | NHK News

Question on center exam "Ethics" Question to the ideal way of family morning: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Several dead besides grasp of foreign ministry technical internship ministry Ministry of Justice | NHK News

Secretary of the Representative of the Representative of the Representative of the Representative of Japan, criticizing Masayama representative and poster "Terror" Hunst "Rising Star" - Okinawa newspaper, regional news

Reduction of livelihood protection "It is said to die from the country", complaints over 6000 households appealed - lawyer dot com

Iwaya Defense Minister, a threatening flight picture "Different from facts" Refutation to South Korea: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Okinawa prefectural referendum to implement all municipalities - Kyodo News | This Kiji

Influenza Zofluza resistant virus, detected from patient: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Gone domination is over, battle after the charisma to the second act [Gone former chairman]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Focus: Notation changed as "comfort women" What happened at the Japan Times Reuters

Scoop Hitachi, from wind turbine production to withdrawal: Nikkei business electronic version

It is clear that Hitachi will withdraw from the production of wind power generator on the 25th in an interview with Nikkei Business. We have already stopped new ordering activity and will stop producing wind turbines at the wharf plant (Hitachi City, Ibaraki prefecture) as soon as the production of contracted products is over. Hitachi is considering shifting its focus to sales of wind power generators of German manufacturers that subsidiaries are affiliated with, and service business such as maintenance and driving support.

Mr. Motoyama's enthusiasm for which the enthusiasm of the citizen moved politics Troubled by the situation Henoko prefectural referendum - Ryukyus Shimpo - Okinawa newspaper, regional news

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It is poor so vegetables can not be eaten every night because it does not eat Kimchi pot · Winter - Kannai Kanji journal

"The deposit is enough to prepay for 10 years, but we have failed the examination of the rent 60,000" Freelance talks about having trouble even to rent a house - Togetter

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Expansion of illegal downloads: The Agency for Cultural Affairs has refuted the prudential's prudent theory | YamadaShoji.net

Wai Mobile's site misdisplay, the truth of trouble | Nikkei xTECH (CrossTech)

Mobile phone service "Y! Mobile" provided by SoftBank. When accessing the URL using that domain, the problem that the management screen of the virtualization software is displayed became a topic on the net. Normally it is a situation that should not exist. That truth has finally become clear.

Notice and apology regarding temporary suspension of home delivery service

January 24, 2019

Announcement and apology regarding temporary suspension of home delivery service (1st report)

Thank you very much for your continued support.

The possibility of unauthorized access to some servers was confirmed in our "Fuji Fuurairu" operated by our company. As a result, we have stopped the service from around 10:50 am on January 23. We sincerely apologize for the great concern and inconvenience you may have.
At the moment we do not have specific damage is confirmed, continue to have carried out the investigation, including the third party, the prospect of the resumption is not standing at the moment. We will inform you as details become known.

In addition, customers who used the service during that period (from January 13th to January 23rd) may not be able to deliver the transmitted file, so please confirm Thank you.

We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may cause to you.

Gefroce RTX 2080 Ti bought and it broke in one month.

2080 Ti that took two months to repair broke with haste.

I read NO HARD WORK! - diary of toyoshi

Until I am "Technical Illustrator" who can not give name "Act as a" Muccino "- A woman's deep breathing magazine" Rinsu "

Before the revision of the law on February 1, is it true that "mobile batteries" are sold at a low price? I asked home electronics mass retailers - FNN.jp prime online

Mobile battery without PSE mark can not be sold

I joined Google Japan with a new graduate and transferred to Google US headquarters, why did it stop in a year. | Shota Hashimoto (Dayone Co., Ltd. COO) | note

Microsoft's search engine "Bing", service restart in China, 1 photograph International News: AFPBB News

Design Approach on Custom Dashboard Renewal - Mackerel Blog #mackerelio

Front end performance optimization of holidays

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TV anime "Infinite Dendrogram" official website

TV anime 'Infinite Dendrogram' official site The possibility of «infinity» starting from now. "This Ranube is awesome 2018" and many other titles have been acquired Now the topic of VRMMO light novel has finally decided to animate!

"Fairy gone Fairy Gone" Tiza PV - YouTube

"BLADE ARCUS Rebellion from Shining" WEB CM - YouTube

【KINGDOM HEARTS III】 release memorial special movie - YouTube

【Tales of the Rays Fairies Requiem】 Main Part PV - YouTube

PlayStation (R) 4 / Xbox One "JUMP FORCE" Story PV - YouTube

About FRIRIKI Screenplay Release | Iwai Hideto | note

Oh My Goddess: Spin-off "Goddess of Goddess of Happiness" started serialization BERLANDY DREAMS HERTING - MANTANWEB (MANTAN web)

"Suzumiya Haruhi" series is published in Kadokawa Bunko! "Like a different thing" And the voice of "It's okay" because it is not Cover of Teacher Ishi Togetter

"Love Live!" Arrested in the sale of remodeling figures ... What kind of infringement was infringed? - Lawyer Dot Com

Naomi Osaka "My skin clearly brown", "Next consult with me" Responding to the controversial animation - BBC News

Even if it becomes virtual "want to become self", we are bound by the sexuality of our sex | Hanako VTuber Yuu fog (ゆ ぎ ぎ り) | note

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From a pretentious performer to a hero of children - 54 years old, the power that continues Tetsurou Ikawa who still puts his body still now - Yahoo! News

As Reaction entertainer, Tetsuro Ikawa (54) who is active in variety shows. He entered a hot water bath, fought with bears and sharks, sky diving from a height of 10,000 meters, and continued to stretch his body for 30 years. In recent years, the crown program has started, the CM appointment has increased, and the place of activity is expanding. At the end of last year, he also served as a judge at "NHK Kohaku Utagoe Fight". Still the reaction art says "even if 1 billion is piled, it does not stop." What is the driving force driving Demikawa.

DeNA Tsuneka complains "Victory supremacy" also refers to the future of the child, Koshien's "evil" - lawyer dot com

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