Headline news on February 5, 2019

It is decided that Nikoniko live broadcast of 11 animated "Bathuri" 11 pieces will be done from 19 o'clock on February 11, 2019 (Monday).

♨ Animation "Bathuri" 11 episode broadcast - 2019/02/11 Started at 19:00 - Nico Nico Live broadcast

What is distributed is "the story of our maid is too useless!" Episode 4, "Episode 8 is a rabbit?" Episode 8, "Slow Start" episode 6, "Youth porcups are dreams of Bunny Girls Seventh episode "Seventh episode", "Zombie Land Saga" episode 4, "Date a live" episode 6, "Nisekoi" episode 9, "NEW GAME!" Episode 9, "Prisma ☆ Ilya Zwei!" Episode 5, Episode 11 "Become You Soon" and "Row Cucumbers SS" is the second episode.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

I tried to actually use "TOUGH BEAT" which sticks to the plane and makes the whole face a speaker - GIGAZINE

Why is not the discovery of extraterrestrial life forms pleasing to humanity? - GIGAZINE

What is the official "H = S-F" of happiness that Apple's founder Steve Wozniak tells us? - GIGAZINE

"Red" which grabbed the hearts of the Europeans during the Renaissance period was made by grinding small insects - GIGAZINE

A woman walking from New York to Alaska near home and trying to return to Russia - GIGAZINE

Nine points for mastering "kerning" that even beginners dramatically improve the appearance of letters like designers - GIGAZINE

3.5 It will be connected with anyone if you trace, it turns out that "Sixth order gap" is shrinking to "3.5 next gap" - GIGAZINE

I tried to eat a different colored retort curry "Tanuketai Curry" floating on the ocean of the whole tanny - GIGAZINE

"Thorough study on manga, animation, Ranobe's logo" which thoroughly studied what kind of font the comic and animation logo is made - GIGAZINE

"JOJORION" won a grand prize at the Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival, Hirohiko Araki also appeared - GIGAZINE

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Depression, Relating to intestinal bacteria Belgium Research picture 1 International news: AFPBB News

Momonga glows pink with ultraviolet light, the purpose is unknown | National Geographic Japan version site

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Alphabet, 2% discount after closing stock quota sharply surged in the fourth quarter | Reuters

Unprecedented appreciation to Japan for protecting seafarers of the North Korean drifted wooden ship | NHK News

Vicious tackle "Can not ask for criminal responsibilities of Nippon Dae coach" Metropolitan office judged | NHK News

Free reporter Tsuneka Hiroshi never leaves Japan | Kyodo News

Voice of dementia, dissatisfaction with uniform car licensing pickup 'Voting by personal ability': Kyoto Shimbun

Nishidae coach and other "no charge" players sent documents for injury charges - general sports, tennis, basketball, rugby, amefoot, fighting sports, land: Asahi Newspaper Digital

On the 5th, the Metropolitan Police Department sent a document to the male player (20) who was tackled for injuries due to a malicious tackle problem at the Japanese major American football club. For Uchida Masato, former coach (63), Inoue Akira (Tsutomu), former coach (30), we judged that instructions to the players were not acknowledged from the analysis of the game video and the results of hearing to the concerned parties. We will send you the documents of the investigation results that there is no charge. I got it from the investigation officials.

Prime Minister Abe denies Abenomics camouflage = "It should not be possible" - House of Representatives Budget Committee: current affairs dot com

Small 4 girls died, establishing the school board "School Royer" to succumb to "causing lawsuit" urgent affairs - lawyer dot com

Regulation on automatic driving correction ... Installed program Safety confirmation and approval by country: Technology: Yomiuri Shimbun Online

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should see the total employment income, which does not feel freezing with a daily work statistic | Reuters

Does not the name of the SDF match the actual situation? "Nippon Navy" on the radio: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Abe's prime minister "There is no answer" Denial of former executives' invitation by statistical injustice: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Healthy labor minister, practically acknowledges last year's wage minus | Kyodo News

Nissin Foods Cup Noodles and Chicken Ramen to Price Increase | NHK News

We are planning to raise the suggested retail price from 6 yen to 15 yen per serving, from 4% to 8% in terms of rate, for each shipment on June 1.

Prime Minister, Recognizing No Data Correction Problems | Kyodo News

Scenario incorrectly, Scenario that I saw with Mr. Junya Ogawa's question | Maruko Kurobe

Requirement for gender change "surgical" compulsion "violates human rights | 【West Japan newspaper】

Statistical injustice, noticeable elucidation of the attitude of conspicuous "fire fight" posture: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Girls dead mother "It was told not to go out and I did not let go out for a month" | NHK News

16 Kansai student Con Branch to arrest Shiga Prefectural Police Attempted Destroyment - Sankyo News

Soil brush, wash side gutters ... No way decontamination is confession of interns: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Forward "Ancient" Used "Mainly" and "Major and Half" Total 59% Mainichi Shimbun Public Opinion - Mainichi Newspaper

"Again?" ... remarks spoken by politician "childbirth" Mr. Aso "Nonbirth is a problem" - Mainichi Newspapers

Brazilian dam collapse, 199 people to 134 dead people still missing photographs 3 images International News: AFPBB News

Nissan unspecified 'Gone's former president's remuneration' posted more than 9.1 billion yen on accounts | NHK News

Arguing a man arrested "Closing in nature": Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to the Kamigyo station, the arrest went on touching and hugging the buttocks of three girls in the middle school in Kumamoto prefecture who was on a school trip on buses and bus stops in Kyoto city on December 7, last year . On the same day, there is a suspicion that she hugged her part woman (44) and her 10th day a housewife (34). It was said that she wore a checkered skirt wearing a brown hair wearing a shoulder.

The man lives by myself. The police station seized 41 skirts from his home. From April 2015, it says that a note was recorded that was recording indecent acts against women.

Arrested for girls with intellectual disabilities with facility chief of violent disabled child welfare support facility for alleged assault - Mainichi Newspaper

The arrest went on suspicion of arrest last night from 4:10 pm around 4:30 pm, a balloon inflated in clothes against a girl (3) of elementary school with severe intellectual disability living in the prefecture It is said that he broke in the facility while breaking it, turning his arm around his neck, and floating the body in the air.

News Up After all, playground equipment accidents are in the background ... | NHK News

Serious financial situation To strengthen information dissemination to future generations Generation Public Finance | NHK News

Japan-Germany summit talks agree on strengthening relations on the economic side | NHK News

Plaintiff of defensive bullying action plaintiff "As a senior executive of lower class students": Asahi Shimbun Digital

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When I went to Iran under economic sanctions it was amazing a lot | Yu Okada (Yu Okada) | note

"Why" Yogetsuki "is probable" Noriko Noriko's proposal for Japanese language education - Togetter

"I'm glad if you think that such a painting was there" The work left by my father who was anonymous but kept painting alone is too precious - Many people I have seen - Togetter

Kobe Newspaper NEXT | Comprehensive | Road sign "Ichi River" is incorrect English translation Geographical Survey Institute fails

"Why did you think you could sell" Ewakamori (¥ 12,000) wrapped in gilded leaves is displayed at half price and various opinions are raised - Togetter

How old can children have their children in public baths? Baths that lower age than ordinance and restrict height by height - lawyer dot com

The painful news (No ∀ `): 【Heisei Good-Bye】 Now unbelievable Heisei Born in Showa's common sense - Livedoor blog

WEB Special Feature During the Great Disaster Period May Not Help You ... ... NHK News

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Criminal punishment for illegal download, limited target | Kyodo News

One year since the development & sale of "question box", why "one web shot web developer" became "owakon" - scraiv

Whether COBOL is difficult, a reporter tried writing a code for testing | Nikkei x TECH (Cross Tech)

Unauthorized login attack on Arashi's fan club? : In the cell

There seems to be some fellows doing such a terrible mischief in order to reduce the number of applications at ticket application time "Scary, severe, lowest" - Togetter

IPC Soldering / Rework Work World Championship 2019 - YouTube

Japan Meteorological Agency | Press releases

The supercomputer system has failed since around 8:56 on February 5, 20110, and delays or omissions are expected to occur in distributed products, mainly on numerical forecast materials. We apologize for any inconvenience to our users.
Today, I am working on recovery afternoon today. We will inform you again at the time of restoration etc.

At this time, there is no effect on presentation of weather warning / warning, weather information, weather forecast, earthquake / tsunami information.

Japan Meteorological Agency | Press releases

About the trouble of the supercomputer system which had been occurring around 8:56 on February 5, 20110, it was restored around 12:27 today.

War warning to Huawei, a warning picture in connection with Norway and the Chinese government even in Northern Europe International News: AFPBB News

[Biological weapon] Although it was an ordinary twittler until then, as soon as cats come home, I know a lot of accounts that I just uploaded only cat images - Togetter

FBI searches for homes in Huawei's laboratory, a major strategy targeting Chinese companies - Bloomberg

I read "Engineer's intellectual production technique" - Masteries

Press Release Materials: (Notice) Release docomo Keitai "AQUOS Mobile Phone SH-02L" that is Easier to Understand and Easier to View | News | NTT DoCoMo

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TV anime "Astra beyond us" Official site

The popular SF survival story drawn by Kenta Shinohara of "SKET DANCE" is decided to be a long-awaited TV animation! In the near future where traffic to and from space became commonplace, nine boys and girls travel to the planet camp. Waiting for those who started departing while excited about space travel, what is unexpected ... ...! What?

What I like about the recent work of the cobalt library and what I think of the active reader to the label |

About the end of "GRANBLUE FANTASY Relink" development contract | Platinum Games official blog

"Clear answer to" What is popular in China though Chinese food is so much challenging with middle school cuisine but Maji? "" Saya "" Convincing "- Togetter

Togetter Talketter - Togetter Talketter talked about the reason why I met one who actually thought, "Why is this man's picture skilful but only the profile cliffs?"

Sugimoto Nanpage Master of Assassination Promotion Game game "Pleasure from heavy pressure" | NHK News

The human race only "Pu", the theory which knows which precure (2019) - Precure numerical blog

"HUG! PreCure "concludes," SHFiguarts Cure Ale "launch memorial special dancing | soul web

【Limited Time Release】 TV Animation "Karakuri Circus" 14.5 Act "Intermission ~ And again Opening Bell ~" - YouTube

"Second act" trailer - Netflix [HD] - YouTube

"Equalizer 2" February 6 Blu-ray & DVD release! Bonus image partial release - YouTube

Movie "Children who want to die of twelve people" special image (Henri VS Ryoko) 【HD】 Screening big! - YouTube

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"Something like the second life" - Takanosuke Kamiki who was sickly led by ranking - Yahoo! News

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"Tris high ball can <Korahay>" New release for a limited time February 5, 2019 News Release Suntory

A white flavor of a popular flavor is newly added to the "Yogurina" brand! "Southern Alps' White Peach Yogurina & Suntory Natural Water" New Release | News Release | Suntory Food International

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