Headline news on February 1, 2019

DMM.com began offering the basic free novel game delivery service " DMM App Drama ". This service can be played in Novell game contents with character illustration, background illustration, music, screen effect etc. in the story text, various kinds of Novell games are delivered from works using existing texts to original works It is supposed to be.

One of the works of the initial release, Takarajimasha have been published from the paperback Kanokura dolphin "of the novel I was back in school days in backward time, we want to fulfill the love of his wife ," utilizing the text of "Wish her happiness. " The character illustration is a drawing by Sakamoto Yu who was responsible for the cover illustration / illustration, there is additional text limited to this work, "the later world" written by the original author is also delivered.



Besides, as DMM original title, " Nyankano - My kitten girlfriend ~ " which Nishizawa Shima drawn a character illustration is also delivered.


https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/ Nyankano - my - kitten - girlfriend / id 1449086826

In the future, not only love items, but also content that is not bound by the existing frame will be released so that everyone can enjoy the novel game that suits themselves.

By the way, I posted such an article on the same day of the same month in the past.

What is the reason why France and Spain are transferring the territorial rights of "island" every six months? - GIGAZINE

It is possible to "fool" voice recognition AI by applying special processing to voice data - GIGAZINE

Chronic sleep deprivation reduces immune function, how long is the optimal sleeping time? - GIGAZINE

An intelligence agency discovered that it was intercepting camera images of military drone using open source software - GIGAZINE

I've asked about the back side of "iXpand flash drive" development which adds USB terminal and Lightning terminal and adds up to 64 GB of iPhone capacity - GIGAZINE

Registered mysterious appearance to stay from 6000 yen I bought a trip at the tangible cultural property inn "Ryokan West Suburb" - GIGAZINE

Approximately 90% of twenties account for gigantic video service niconico's animation strategy - GIGAZINE

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Sleep-inducing gene discovery that name also "nemuri" | NHK News

A group of Japanese researchers at American universities found a new gene that causes sleep, and was named "nemuri" for Japanese. I discovered a new gene in a group of doctor Hirofumi Toda who conducts research at the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, and presented it to the science magazine "Science" of the 1st day.

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Government, wage minus public announcement 18 years real, about 0.5% | Kyodo News

Real wage, weakness of mostly minus feeling poor avenomics: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Noda City board of education officials who gave questionnaire to girls dead father apologized | NHK News

At the beginning of the questionnaire, "This questionnaire is to encourage everybody to have fun with no bullying, so I will protect the secret, so please respond to me" We are calling for cooperation .

According to the city, Heart Love answered "Yes" to the question "Are you being bullied now?"
In response to the question asking what kind of bully it is, from among the options, "I repeat disgusting things and being told with scary words", "I get crushing, getting hit, killed I chose such as.

You mean that you chose "Family" to ask the question of who took the bully.

And, in the column where you can freely write troubles and what you would like to consult with, "Your father has been receiving power, being raised in the middle of the night or beaten by being killed when you are awake. My teacher can not do anything. "

Small death 4 "Violence against father" complaint Questionnaire answer, hand it with fear sense | Kyodo News

Girls death Father gives the principal "letter" to the principal | Nittele NEWS 24

In addition, after the temporary protection of the city, Kurihara let the primary school principal write a "memorandum" promising to disclose information to his father soon when protecting her beloved son It also made it clear.

Harassment of Mr. Ryuichi Hirokawa, damaged woman is a real name note - Mainichi Newspaper

Maezawa Yuri's lunar travel on yellow signal, ZOZO down correction / reduction: Market situation Kabu full force 2 stories

[Breaking News] Koichi Hirose's 35-year-old company employee "The police are not sweet" 19-year-old female university student missing case - FNN.jp prime online

Suica cancellation Why can not JR Akita station window "Go to Niigata station with self-payment" Voice of dissatisfaction from users | Hebei Shimbun Online news

Mayor Akashi announced his resignation Lawless "never allowed": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Mujirushi Ryou, "We are discontinued at Famima" weakness "Shitashi Sato" in the shadow of unprecedented exposure (Individual) - Yahoo! News

"This is a treachery story" Gone's full remark remark, AFP interview picture 6 images International news: AFPBB News

Whether the operational loss of GPIF is the largest ever, Morgan MUFG estimates to be over 14 trillion yen - Bloomberg

T card problem, request proper management of personal information Ebina | Canaroko | Kanagawa newspaper news

Japan and EU EPA Effective Tariff Elimination and Investment Liberalization Advance | NHK News

◆ Lifestyle (life, life, health)

"Nursery teachers also have private life" Do not try to listen to a mobile number to a childcare nurse or stop calling questions and consultation outside office hours - Togetter

"Please forgive me anymore." A newspaper article arrested on the machine of the Seven-Eleven coffee was affixed - Togetter

Do you know what to talk about on a marriage or first date? Male version | Marriage story. blog

When I ate rice in the UK, I heard that local residents feel local love from the local people saying "It's not as bad as I was listening" - Togetter

【French people's taste】 Why do you prefer to eat "sweet soy sauce" on the local rice at the local site? - Messi Passage | Hot Pepper Gourmet

When a couple go to ask homemakers to talk to them, their wife also told them that they want a "study" but they were advised to "household room" - Togetter

Cedar pollen "Three times this year" Hinoki "Is it the biggest past"?: Technology: Yomiuri Newspaper Online

When I went to take a test at Iwanami, when I stayed at the same hotel as when I was active, I got it at the front desk "We have stayed a year ago! "Togetter talked about advanced taste - Togetter

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Google Japan Blog: About end of Google+ offer for general users

Trial on Amazon books buying cut method within the year, considering price cut sales - Mainichi Shimbun

On Thursday, Amazon Japan, the leading online retailer, announced that it will start a "buying-out" method to buy and sell books directly from publishers in a trial within the year. The company explained at the press conference on the same day, "To lower the return rate of books," he explained the idea of ​​considering book pricing.

Amazon is steady in the fourth quarter when sales forecasts for the first quarter are lower than expected | Reuters

US Amazon: 10 - Dec Sales and Profits Exceeds Expected - Advertising Revenue Sudden - Bloomberg

Let's create a service of OGP image generation system with explosion speed with Vue.js and Firebase - Qiita

QUIC and HTTP / 3 era Internet commentary should be - golden-lucky's diary

Thinking about management of engineer study group (community) - balance of moderate inner ring feeling and publicity - tkm 2261's blog

Create your own static analysis tool with golang.org/x/tools/go/analysis # gounco / how to create the static analysis tool for go - Speaker Deck

I tried to translate "good engineers" into languages ​​- Atsushi Takayama - Medium

note gets the domain of note.com. Consider migration of service URL. | Note Official | note

A man arrested for suspicion of selling unconditionally after pills "Man help": Asahi Shimbun Digital

Introduction of articles on named entity extraction & introduction examples of company name extraction from news by named entity extractor / Introduction of Ner Survey Paper and Practical Example of Organization Extraction - Speaker Deck

Is the Chinese search engine "Baidu" already dead? One photo International News: AFPBB News

???? Our CustomEmoji - Misoca Developer Blog

Two hundred billion Japanese accounts to be bought, "Yakitori buy and sell" a Japanese account, the one I bought was a Chinese hacker ... The target of the "unusual" Chinese hacker now occurring at the dark web is "Tokyo 2020". AI is not a "savior" WEDGE Infinity (wedge)

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Eidish seven Vibrato - OFFICIAL TRAILER IV - YouTube

TV animation "Slime was Reincarnated" CD 4th - YouTube

"LEFT ALIVE" Story Trailer - YouTube

"LEFT ALIVE" survival trailer - YouTube

"LEFT ALIVE" Opening Movie - YouTube

From theatrical youth to the legend of the voice actor world - "Anime boom" told by Kamiya Akira and Yale to juniors - Yahoo! News

The voice actor world is a hundred flowers. Voice Actor Information The voice actors posted in "Voice Actor Directory 2018" issued by a special magazine exceed 1,300 men and women. There are an increasing number of vocational schools and vocational schools with voice training courses, and aspirants are said to be hundreds of thousands.
Kamiya Akira (72) is one of the meritorious people who raised the voice actor work which the actor doubled as a dream job. He played a number of popular characters such as "Saitama" of "City Hunter", "Kinnikuman" Kinnikuguru, "Hokuto no Ken" Kenshiro. Veteran speaks "the voice only world" and the thoughts for the juniors.

Looks just like Mario? The Communist Party uses ripples with very similar characters | NHK News

Decided to animate! ! "Fairy Chita ☆" notice - YouTube

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Movie "Kingdom" Special News 2 - YouTube

Movie 'Mahjong Wandering 2020' Special News (Long ver.) - YouTube

Actor Hirofumi Arai's home searching metropolitan government suspected of sexual violence | NHK News

Actor Hironobu Arai suspects to arrest the sexual assault at the house arrested: Asahi Shimbun Digital

According to investigators, Mr. Arai is suspected of adding sexual assault to a woman who called for massage at his house in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo in early July last year. The woman consulted with Setagaya Department on that day. After that, submitted a damage report, the Metropolitan Police Department accepted it and was investigating.

NGT 48, establish a third-party committee Survey on Mamo Yamaguchi's problem: Asahi Shimbun Digital

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"Delicious brown rice grinding season's mayonnaise" released | Lawson official website

[Kinki area] Release 7 collaboration products with Kobe Nankincho | Lawson Official Site

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