The key of the car stops functioning at the parking lot of the shop, the alarm sounds Raging phenomenon occurring over several weeks

by Jens Mahnke

Suddenly as the parking lot of the food store, the key fob ceased to function, the car did not move, the alarm sounded silent without reason and it stopped itself. This phenomenon has continued for several weeks, and the Canadian government is engaged in the investigation, but the cause remains unknown. On the Internet, it is pointed out that "the security system of the neighboring store is the cause?" And also calls a mystery itself such as "it is a spirit" "UFO is related".

Something mysterious is blocking vehicle key fobs from working in a small Alberta town | CBC News

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The mystery phenomenon is occurring in the city of Car Steers in Alberta, Canada. It is a food shop of the co-op union that is having problems in the following photographs.

Laura Strate, an employee working at a dollar shop across the road of the food store, said he heard this story from the customers who visited the shop, "I worked here for 5 years, but something strange I am afraid that I am afraid to go to cooperative because everyone is not sure if the car can start properly. "

According to Strate, this mystery came to be noticed as people of Car Steers shared the experience on SNS. 160 people commented in a blink of an eye that "There is a person who has experienced the same?" It became bright that it is a continuing phenomenon that is not once more.

The car view of Westview and Co-operatives of Car Steers takes this itself seriously and is working on solving the problem. On Facebook's official account, it was stated that local electricians had investigated radio interference with local electricians. However, even if all the power sources of the store were turned off, the problem was not solved. It also states that there is no Wi-Fi available at the store.

We want to provide our guests an update which the interference has has impacted key fobs at our Carstairs Food ...

Westview Co-operative 's post Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"We are worried that our teams and customers' irritations will be solicited by our co-op Asset Manager, Stephen Kennedy, we are doing a lot to guide solutions," he told CBC News It was. In addition to neighboring residents, stakeholders, Ministry of Science and Economic Development and Ministry of Innovation are involved in the survey of cooperative cooperatives.

A new food store was built near the food store where a mystery phenomenon occurred at the end of 2018. There are people who think that the security system introduced by this food store is the cause, and there is also the theory that the dismantlement of the building or the highway under construction is involved. When the same thing has occurred in New Zealand is that the local amateur communication mechanic was broadcast on the same frequency as the key fob cause has been also pointed out that it was.

The problem remains unresolved even if numerous opinions are issued such as jamming disturbance, paranormal phenomenon, existence of angry spirit, existence of aliens and UFOs.

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