A mysterious low-frequency sound "Windsor · hum" that drives people to depression and sleep disturbance occurs in Ontario, Canada

byNaomi August

In 2017, at the American Embassy in Cuba "Acoustic attack"Was confirmed,Hearing loss and brain injuryIt was reported that the damage was caused. Such a phenomenon "the sound of a mystery occurs in a specific area" occurs also in other than Cuba, "Hum"Low frequency sound is confirmed all over the world. Even in Canada's Ontario province, mysterious low frequency sound has been on for several years, but it has not been solved.

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Noise called "Windsor ham" has been confirmed in Windsor in Ontario, Canada since around 2011. This sound is a low-frequency vibration sound, which is expressed as "sounds like multiple diesel engines idling" "thunderstormed thunder" "boiler noisy sound". You can hear what Windsor · hum is like from the following movies. In addition, some people who listen to Windsor · hum also complain of depression, nausea, sleep disorder, palpitation (how), ear pain, headache, etc. Please play movies at your own risk.

Windsor Hum Clip - Windsor resident discussing the Windsor Hum issue - YouTube

Windsor · hum can not predict the timing and duration of occurrence. Some people who heard the noise reported people who felt vibration, heavy things in the house were shaking, depression, nausea · sleep disturbance · palpitation (how) · earache · Some people appeal for headache and others. According to doctors, it is unlikely that long-term hearing loss will occur due to continued hearing of low frequency sounds, but as with continuous tinnitus, it may be weakening people. Windsor · hum is a person who can not hear it, but from the survey so far, it is not thought that a specific age and sex are related to "audiences".

The Windsor / Essex County HumThe Facebook group has been working to identify the cause of noise and Mike Provost, who is involved in the management, has been involved in the management of Windsor Ham's 4000-page duration, severity, characteristics, and time of occurrence over 4 years The weather continues to collect data such as weather. Based on Mr. Provost 's data, the report that heard noise was not limited to Windsor, he said that it arrived from McGregor in the south 20 mile (about 32 km) from Ontario and from eastern Cleveland 90 miles away (about 145 km) . As for Windsor · hum, rumors such as "the existence of a secret tunnel", "UFO", "secret activity of the government" flies, but Provost denies the relationship between these existence and Windsor · hum.

Regarding the generation of mysterious low frequency sounds,By the pressure of ocean waves acting on the ocean floor, micro earthquake activity is occurring throughout the earth, and as a result, low frequency sound like Hum is generatedAlthough research results that explain it are also announced, it is not confirmed at the time of article creation whether Windsor · hum confirmed in Ontario province is based on this theory. National Resources Canada conducted a survey over the month in 2011, as a result, the frequency of 35 Hz has been confirmed in Ontario indeed, after that, in 2014 the research teams of Western Ontario University and Windsor College participated in the Canadian Foreign Affairs International Trade When conducting a survey with the support of the province (DFAIT), the research team could not identify the source of noise, but from the data and observations it is seen that "something" on the island of Tuke is the source It is.

Ontario is adjacent to the US / Michigan state across the Detroit River, and Zug Island is an island on the Detroit River. It is specialized in industry, and there are plenty of factories in manufacturing industries. Researchers said that the occurrence of Windsor · hum is consistent with the timing of the blue flame on the factory chimneys, so the blast furnace and irregular operation at the steelmaking plant sees it as a noise source. However, moving the blast furnaceUS SteelNeighborhood residents insist that it is uncooperative to solve the Windsor · hum problem. Also, US Steel did not return comments on the news site Ars Technica's interview.

Hum has also been confirmed in Kokomo, Indiana, Taos in New Mexico, etc. For the case of Kokomo, in 2003 the vibration consulting company "Acentech" recommends that silencers be installed at the two manufacturing plants . On the other hand, the identity of HumIt is psychologicalThere is also a claim that the noise confirmed around the world is not the same, there seems to be a possibility that it has different causes.

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