Partial noise of 'Acoustic attack', damage caused by hearing loss or brain damage

U.S. diplomats in the Cuban embassy in Cuba have repeatedly filed diplomatic officials complaining of unexplained hearing impairment, the US government has requested 15 diplomats from the Cuban embassy in the US to leave within one weekAnnouncing. Although it is an event that is regarded as having been attacked using some sort of acoustic weapons, the cause has not been clarified yet and investigation is proceeding even though the article is being created. In such circumstances, the AP released part of the noise that was flowed in Cuba on YouTube.

Dangerous sound? What Americans heard in Cuba attacks

Damages such as insomnia, hearing abnormality, brain damage, etc. have been reported in diplomats in the United States and Canada, which are located in Havana, the capital of Cuba, since the autumn of 2016 under the acoustic attack. In addition to the view that acoustic attacks were carried out, the cause of the sound generation has not been clarified yet, but also "the possibility that paranoid diseases and pathogens were combined in isolated diplomatic groups" and "Microwave auditory effectWe are using the "opinion has also come out.

What was going on at the American Embassy in Cuba where "acoustic attack" was reported? - GIGAZINE

And on October 12, 2017 local time, AP released the "noise" that was recorded for the first time in Havana. According to the AP, although it is not clear where the noise was recorded, the sound source is sent to the US Navy and the National Defense Intelligence Agency and analysis is being carried out.

You can check the sound actually used from the following. The high pitch noise is certainly unpleasant, and although the AP gives an example of "the cricket of the cricket group" or "the sound of scratching the blackboard", there is also an atmosphere like when cicadas are crowing together in the summer.

Dangerous Sound? - YouTube

If you listen carefully, you can see that the sound is not a single note, but more than 20 different frequencies are combined to form a single noise. Meanwhile, there are also low-frequency and high-frequency ones that the recording machine can not actually pick up, so noise may have been more complicated than listening in the movie.

The published sound source is as short as 5 seconds. If you just listen for a short time through a computer, smartphone, etc., no health damage will occur. However, in Havana it sounds like the sounds recorded in the above movie were loud and lit for a long time.

The situation is currently being investigated, including whether the reason why the diplomat suffered health damage really is "sound", the US navy and others have not commented on the released sound source. In addition, the Cuban government has denied any involvement in the attack, and has cooperated with the United States government to investigate to identify the cause.

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