'Windows 98 Icon Viewer' capable of downloading Windows 98 icons free of fade even after 20 years

The 9x series " Windows 98 " released by Microsoft in 1998 was supported by the USB standard, at that time it was evaluated with outstanding multimedia performance and high stability, masterpiece OS which sold more than 25 million copies worldwide It is known as one of them. Alex Meub, an engineer who evaluates such a Windows 98 icon as "practical and wonderful," has released " Windows 98 Icon Viewer " that allows you to watch as much Windows 98 icons as you like and download it for free I will.

Windows 98 Icon Viewer

When accessing "Windows 98 Icon Viewer" it looks like this. It is designed exactly like Windows 98 and more than 1700 Windows 98 icons are displayed in the blue title bar explorer.

Also, by clicking "Download All Icons" on the desktop, you can download icons of Windows 98 together as a ZIP file (capacity 3.03 MB).

Extract the downloaded " windows98-icons.zip " using Explzh etc. In the "windows 98 - icons" folder there is an "ico" folder containing ICO files and a "png" folder containing PNG files.

The ICO file of 256 colors contains icon data of three sizes of 16 × 16, 32 × 32, and 48 × 48 so that the task bar and desktop look as much as possible.

Among the icons included are trash cans and Internet Explorer as well as floppy disk drives ......

"Modem" in the control panel

MSN Internet Access setup

Windows Media Player

On Windows there were familiar Minesweeper etc.

Mr. Meub said in his blog "Windows UI design peaked in the late 1990s", "The classic and practical icon of Windows 98 is futuristic for some designers It is not a flashy vision but let me feel the OS as a place to accomplish real work. " It seems that Mr. Meub continues to use it even after 20 years since the release of Windows 98, although Windows 98 icon which is easy to recognize with a soft hue while doing a hard edge.

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