Sharp announces new generation mobile terminal "NetWalker", ultra lightweight, fast startup and long drive

Sharp, which is handling laptop computers, smartphones, electronic dictionaries, etc., is today announced as "a new generation of mobile terminals"NetWalker (Net Walker)We officially announced.

Because it is ultra lightweight and can be quickly activated like a mobile phone and can be driven for a long time, in addition to being able to check e-mails easily at the destination, equipped with an ambitious model such as equipped with a high-definition 5-inch liquid crystal corresponding to the touch interface It is getting.

Details are as below.
Mobile Internet tool "NetWalker (Net Walker)" released | News release: Sharp

According to this release, Sharp is going to release "NetWalker (Net Walker)" as the third mobile tool from September 25 after mobile phones and personal computers. Lineup will be released in late October with only three types of white and black, red.

"NetWalker" realizes approximately 409 grams ultra lightweight compact body with 161.4 × 108.7 × 19.7 to 24.8 mm (width × depth × height) and long time driving for about 10 hours.

And it is a 5-inch wide LCD compatible with 1024 x 600 touch panel, i.MX 515 multimedia application processor manufactured by Freescale Semiconductor, 512 MB memory, flash memory capable of recording about 2 GB, wireless LAN compatible with IEEE 802.11 b / g and microSDHC compatible card Slot, USB port and miniUSB port etc. are carried.

In addition to the OS "Ubuntu 9.04", "Firefox" as the browser, "Mail software" as "Thunderbird" are adopted, "" highly compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint is preinstalled I will.

This is the white model of "NetWalker".



3 models of lineup

The back looks like this

Closed place

It is quite stylish

Left side of the main unit. USB port and headphone jack

On the right side is mini USB port and power supply terminal

By the way, "NetWalker" is also compatible with electronic dictionaries, e-books, etc. We are supposed to post information on correspondence on the official website below.

Mobile Internet tool NetWalker

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