WILLCOM announces Toshiba's audio terminal "WX320T"

WILLCOM announced Toshiba's audio terminal "WX320T" for a wide range of users with user-friendly design. There are two colors, white and black, to be released in early July 2007.

In addition to having a full browser compatible with W-OAM, it seems to be an easy-to-use audio terminal equipped with a large-size keypad "kaka key".

Details are as follows.
WILLCOM | ~ From Toshiba, WILLCOM's new voice terminal appears ~ About the release of WX320T

According to this release, "WX320T" seems to be 2.4 inch liquid crystal, full browser compatible, about 1.3 million pixel camera, W-OAM compatible audio terminal equipped with infrared communication.

In addition to complying with "microSD" of up to 1 GB for external recording media, it is said that IC recorder and other functions are also installed.

Toshiba made audio terminal for au to be released at the same time "W53T"For SoftBank"912 T"Is there no plan to have models with one Seg at the very least, or a model comparable to Kyopon 2?

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