SOFTBANK announces "premium" 2007 winter model mobile phone

SOFTBANK MOBILE today announced 49 colors of 10 models of 2007 winter models. This time it is a stylish mobile with the concept of "premium"Industry's largest LCD mounted · Thin AQUOS mobileAnd "Shar cell phone"And others have appeared.

This time we will deliver it in a flash report.

Details are as follows.
· 920 SH (Sharp)
The thinnest AQUOS mobile phone with the industry's largest 3.2-inch wide liquid crystal.

Domestic largest liquid crystal.

And slim.

Color is 5 colors.

· 920 SC (Samsung)
A full-scale digital camera keitai equipped with an organic EL display. Adopted xenon flash.

5 million pixels.

Comparison with conventional.

4 colors.

· 821 P (Panasonic)
One-push openable mirrored mobile phone. For Women.

It is possible to photograph a face.

This is also 5 colors.

· 920T (Toshiba)
Multi-AV cell phone that can enjoy 1 Seg and music. Thin type.

4 colors.

· 822SH (Sharp)
Slim body AQUOS mobile phone.

5 colors.

· 82 OP (Panasonic)
Stylish mobile.

A key that is easy to push.

6 colors.

· PANTONE mobile phone 812SH (Sharp)

· GENT II (Sharp)

Bluetooth compatible wristwatch "i: VIRT" capable of cooperating with mobile phones.

· Sharp only mobile 913SHG (Sharp)
"Characteristic" sticking to the character "character".

This is the charging base.

· 820SH (Sharp)
Elegant premium one seg mobile.

8 colors.

Cool Premium One Seg Mobile.

Hairline processing.


World's thinnest.

7 colors.

It will be 15 colors in total.

Total 10 models 49 colors.

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