All models of SoftBank Mobile 2008 summer model announced today All images · Part 1

EarlierSoftbank Mobile announced the 2008 summer modelWe talked about, but this summer model including color variations will be introduced with a large amount of images.

Two types using metallic materials All waterproof 1 Seg mobile phones, the second popular "PANTONE mobile phone" returned by powering up, Mirror mobile phones adopting the cutting mirror panel, etc It is becoming.

Details are as follows.
· 824SH(Made by Sharp)
Two types of metallic material body, Elegant Line and Active Line, 11 different colors. The thinnest waterproof 1 seg mobile phone in the world with a thickness of about 15.3 mm. 2.8-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and 3.2 megapixel autofocus compatible camera loaded.

· Tropical (823P)(Manufactured by Panasonic)
Tropical color waterproof 1seg mobile phone. As waterproof 1 segment, Japan's largest 3-inch full wide QVGA liquid crystal is carried and models that can enjoy one-segment broadcast on the big screen even in the bathroom etc.

· PANTONE SLIDE (825SH)(Made by Sharp)
The second popular PANTONE mobile phone. 2.8-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal and autofocus compatible 2-megapixel camera with motion control sensor. Width 48 mm, thinness 14.9 mm Adopting easy to hold round form 8 colors developed.

· 821 N(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
3 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal, 2 million pixel camera installed. One seg correspondence. Colorful mobile phone capable of directing light with illumination.

· 821 N GLA(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
A model collaborated with popular female brand "GLAMOROUS".

· MIRROR II (824 P)(Manufactured by Panasonic)
3 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal, autofocus compatible 2 megapixel camera, One Seg mounted. Mirror mobile phone adopting cutting mirror panel.

· Continued
All models of SOFTBANK MOBILE 2008 summer model announced today All images / sequel - GIGAZINE

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