All models of Softbank Mobile 2008 summer model announced today All images · Part 2

EarlierSOFTBANK MOBILE announced the summer of 2008 model All models of all imagesIt is the continuation of.

A wide viewing angle of 160 degrees corresponding to 3.1 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal is installed, it is possible to enjoy high-speed display of 1 Seg broadcast at 30 frames / sec, "VIERA mobile" which can enjoy beautiful images, 3.3 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal and 29 mm wide angle Many terminals with emphasis on functions such as 5.2 megapixel camera for shooting, dictionary function in conjunction with Wikipedia and all the entered "AQUOS mobile" are lineup.

Details are as follows.
· 824 T(Manufactured by Toshiba)
2.8 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal, 1.96 million pixel auto focus support "beautiful skin camera" loaded. One seg correspondence. Four colors are available.

· 820N(Manufactured by NEC Corporation)
One seg mobile with a thickness of 11.7 mm. 3 inch wide QVGA liquid crystal, 2 million pixel camera installed. The standby time is 630 hours.

· 823 T(Manufactured by Toshiba)
2.8-inch wide QVGA liquid crystal, about 2 million pixels auto focus support camera, 1 seg mobile with GPS. Stuck to ease of use, luxurious double-sided texture design.

· 921 P(Manufactured by Panasonic)
A wide viewing angle angle of 160 degrees Supported by 3.1 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal, VIERA mobile phone can enjoy beautiful images, making it possible to display one segment broadcast at 30 frames per second. Also equipped with 5.1 megapixel camera supporting face recognition and autofocus.

· 923 SH(Made by Sharp)
5th generation AQUOS mobile phone with functions such as large screen 3.3 inch full wide VGA liquid crystal, 29 mm wide angle shooting compatible 5.2 megapixel camera, GPS, One Seg, dictionary function in conjunction with Wikipedia. "Chase playback" function which can play from the beginning of recording even with the program being recorded. It is exactly the whole entrance.

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