New thugs to EeePC, low price mini note "Wind Notebook U100" released today

The other day from Hewlett-PackardLow-priced mini-note "HP 2133 Mini-Note PC" with higher performance than EeePC was released and sold out on the same dayAs I reported, "Wind Notebook U100" was released today from MSI as a competing horse of a new EeePC from today.

It is equipped with Intel's latest CPU "Atom" for mobile, adopting Windows XP boasting strong popularity in the OS, and has become an ambitious model such as pursuit of ease of keyboard striking.

Details are as follows.
(PDF file)MSI Introduces Domestic Notebook PC "MSI Wind Notebook" Series with Intel Atom Processor in Japan

According to this release, "Wind Notebook U100" released today from MSI will have an Atom processor, 1 GB memory, 80 GB HDD, 10 inch 1024 × 600 glossy liquid crystal on CPU, OS Windows XP Home Edition is adopted.

The back is like this.

In addition to securing a key pitch of 17.5 mm equivalent to a general notebook computer, the keyboard has a card reader that supports wired LAN, wireless LAN, 1.3 megapixel WEB camera, SD memory card and Memory Stick PRO. Body color is Empire Black and Romantic Pink 2 colors. And, although it is an interesting price, it is supposed to be around 59,800 yen.

This is romantic pink.

It is pink only on the back.

Product page is from below.

Wind Notebook U 100

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