I tried a strongest menu 'Classic WW Burger' with a thick thick patty and a thick cut red cheddar cheese in a freshness burgers

The popular No. 1 menu of Freshness Burger is " Classic Cheese Burger " featuring quarter pound patty and thick cut cheese, but "Popular Burger Patty and Cheese doubled" Classic WW Burger "is January 20, 2019 Appears for a limited time only from the day. I was worried about what kind of volume the finest menu was made with 2 thick layers of thick patty and thick cut red cheddar cheese, so I went to a shop and ate it.

"Patty double × cheese 2 times" Freshness Burger The strongest classic cheeseburger powers up! Limited release as "Classic WW Burger"
(PDF file) http://www.colowide.co.jp/datafile_new/pr_news_pdf_file_154751822494.pdf

I arrived at a freshness burger shop.

There was a signboard signifying the appearance of "Classic WW Burger" along with the popular No. 1 "Classic Cheese Burger" at the shop front.

Classic WW burger was brought in minutes in about 10 minutes after ordering.

Compared with the iPhone XR whose height is about 150.9 mm long, it looks like this.

You can see the melted cheese dripping from between the ingredients.

When I opened the buns, the ingredients were Green Curl Lettuce , Tomato Pickles Onion, and Red Cheddar Cheese and Quarter Pound Patty that were two tiers.

Since the Burumy burger can not fit in a very bite, I first tried eating part of Patty. Then a large amount of meat juice came out of the beef patties, juicy beef taste, rich flavor and aroma 's fragrant smell overflowed into the mouth with melted cheese. As we continued to eat more, I felt fresh Shakisaki feeling of green lettuce, refreshing acidity of tomato, sweetness of well-sliced slice onion, and it was a disappointing item.

Classic WW burger is sold at freshness burgers' stores nationwide for a limited time from January 16, 2019, and the price is 907 yen including tax. It is said that some stores are not handled, so if you want to order securely, you need to check with the store beforehand.

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